The Link Between Hymen and Virginity

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The Link Between Hymen and Virginity
The Link Between Hymen and Virginity

Virginity is often associated with the presence of a hymen. This is because women with hymen that are still intact or have not been torn are considered virgins. Is that so?

When having sexual intercourse for the first time with a woman and there is no light bleeding, many men conclude that the woman is not a virgin. This thinking is actually wrong.

The link between the hymen and virginity - Alodokter

A torn hymen does not always mean that a woman is no longer a virgin. In fact, tearing the hymen is not only caused by sexual intercourse, but can also be caused by other things that the woman herself may not be aware of.

What Is Hymen?

The hymen is a very thin and stretched layer at the bottom of the vagina. In women, the hymen has the shape of a crescent moon or a small donut. Generally the hymen is shaped like a ring with a small hole. The hole serves to expel blood during menstruation.

As we get older, the hymen will change. These changes begin to occur when a girl enters puberty. Before puberty, the hymen tends to be thin and sensitive.

Once entering puberty, the hymen tends to be thicker and more elastic than before. Changes that occur in the hymen are influenced by hormonal changes, including the hormone estrogen.

Relation Between Hymen and Virginity

Associating virginity and the integrity of the hymen is actually not quite right. It should be noted that not all women are born with a hymen and there is a form of a hymen that does not tear when having sex for the first time.

In addition, the hymen can tear easily due to activities other than sex. Here are some things that can cause the hymen to tear:

  • Injury while riding
  • Injury while cycling
  • Masturbation using sex aids
  • Using a tampon
  • Having a transvaginal ultrasound
  • Have you ever had certain medical procedures such as vaginal surgery

A woman may not realize that her hymen has been torn before having sexual intercourse for the first time. The reason is, tearing the hymen does not always cause pain or bleeding.

If you really want to be sure, the integrity of the hymen can be checked by a doctor. However, if the hymen has been torn, it is impossible to determine the cause of the tearing of the hymen from this examination.

That's an explanation of the hymen and its relation to virginity. If you still have questions about the hymen, you can ask via chat with the doctor provided in the ALODOKTER application.

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