How to Increase Sexual Arousal in Women

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How to Increase Sexual Arousal in Women
How to Increase Sexual Arousal in Women

The decrease in a woman's sexual desire can make sex less enjoyable. However, men need not worry too much. There are many ways to increase a woman's sexual arousal that are actually not difficult to implement. Curious about anything? Check out the following reviews

Women's sexual arousal tends to be lower than men's because women don't always think about sex. The causes of decreased female sexual desire also vary, ranging from age, hormonal changes, stress, poor lifestyle, fatigue, suffering from certain diseases, to less harmonious relationships.

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How Men Increase Sexual Arousal in Women

A decrease in a woman's sexual desire can be characterized by a lack of interest in sex, not being interested in having sex, having difficulty getting stimulation, making it difficult to get satisfaction during sexual intercourse.

If your woman experiences this, don't be discouraged just yet. You can do several ways so that his sexual arousal can be increased and vibrant again. Here are some ways to stimulate women that you can try:

1. Have a good emotional bond

Building a good relationship and communication with a partner is important for women. For that, invite him to pour out his heart, including the complaints he feels during a relationship with you.This is important to note because emotional attachment affects a woman's sexual arousal.

2. Expressing sexual fantasies

A monotonous sexual life can also make a woman's sexual arousal decrease. So, take the time to talk to your woman about this.

Ask him to tell you about his likes and dislikes during the sex session, because who knows your woman has sexual fantasies that have been suppressed for so long. By expressing what is felt, passion and satisfaction during sex can be increased.

3. Do foreplay before having sex

Do foreplay or foreplay before having sex. For women, foreplay is not only able to increase sexual desire, but also can make sex more enjoyable. For that, give stimulation to his sensitive points before getting to the core of the game.

You can start by giving a massage or gentle touch from the scalp and then down to the neck, lips, stomach, calves, and feet. Give him gentle caresses and kisses to increase his passion.

Physical contact like this can stimulate the sex hormone oxytocin. The more the hormone oxytocin is released, the more passionate the sexual arousal will be.

Besides massage, other ways that can be done to increase sexual arousal in women are giving them oral sex, for example by stimulating the vagina and clitoris. Stimulation during oral sex is also effective in helping women reach orgasm.

4. Use lubrication fluids and sex toys

Some women, especially older ones, tend to experience vaginal dryness. This condition can make sex painful for them, thereby reducing the desire to make love.

For that, so that the sex session remains comfortable and the passion is aroused, you can apply a water-based lubricant that is safe for the female area.

If you and your partner like sex toys or sex toys, it never hurts to use this tool while making love.The vibrator is a great tool to help a woman learn about her own sexual response and let her show what she likes.

The Way a Woman Increases Her Passion

Not only stimulation from a partner, women can also do several things to increase their sexual arousal. Among them with:

1. Exercise regularly

To increase passion, women need to do regular exercise. There are many choices of sports that can increase passion, one of which is Kegel exercises.

Kegels is a special exercise to strengthen the muscles in the female intimate area. Kegel exercises can make blood circulation around the pelvis better, thus helping to produce lubricating fluid to make sex more comfortable.

2. Implementing a he althy diet

To increase sexual arousal, women need to eat he althy foods, because the food consumed will affect mood and energy so that it also affects sexual arousal.

Women are advised to limit their consumption of fatty foods and increase their consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, or nuts.

3. Eating arousal foods

Some foods are also recommended for consumption by women because they are believed to increase sexual arousal. Foods that increase libido or arousal are known as aphrodisiacs. Examples are chocolate, chilies, watermelon, strawberries, oranges, carrots, figs, bananas, and avocados

These foods are thought to be able to improve blood circulation, thus making women more relaxed and comfortable when making love. As for chocolate, this food can stimulate the formation of serotonin, a substance that can improve a woman's mood.

4. Manage stress well

Women also need to manage stress well so that their sexual arousal can increase. To reduce or reduce stress, there are various things that can be done, ranging from meditation, doing yoga or tai chi, to socializing with the surrounding environment.

In addition, it is also recommended to get enough sleep and stop smoking and stop consuming alcoholic beverages.

The sexual life of a woman is indeed a personal thing and very subjective, so the steps taken to increase sexual arousal in women may differ from one another. For that, communicate with your woman to find out which methods are effective and which are not.

If various ways to increase sexual desire in women have been applied but do not produce the desired results, please consult a doctor or sexologist. The doctor or sexologist will provide appropriate advice and treatment.

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