2 Months Baby: Responds with a Smile

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2 Months Baby: Responds with a Smile
2 Months Baby: Responds with a Smile

Baby 2 months began to respond with a smile when spoken to or when he saw something that is considered interesting. This is a significant development compared to when a newborn was born

At around 6 weeks of age, babies are generally able to express their pleasure through a number of ways, such as a smile, a sound, or the movement of their legs and arms. This is because the brain and hearing of a 2-month-old baby are more developed compared to a 1-month-old baby.

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When entering the age of 2 months, generally a baby boy weighs approximately 3.8-5 kilograms, with a length of 52-56cm. Meanwhile, baby girls generally weigh 3.6–4.8 kilograms, with a length of 52–55 cm.

Various Aspects of 2 Months Baby Development

The following is information about the development of a 2-month-old baby that Mom and Dad need to know:

Motor skills of 2 months baby

At the age of 2 months, the baby's movements will usually be more regular. Body movements such as surprise that often occurs when a newborn is starting to disappear. In addition, babies also show some development of other motor skills, such as:

  • Calm down by sucking his fingers
  • Following things by eye and recognizing other people from a distance
  • Starting to be interested in brightly colored objects and toys that make sounds
  • Following the movement of an object to and fro. Mom or Dad can stimulate the Little One by moving the toy in front of his eyes
  • Starting to be able to hold his head up to 45 degrees with the support of his hands and move like a push-up person when lying on his stomach
  • Sometimes you can grip something tightly for a few seconds.

2 month baby communication skills

Babies aged 2 months are generally able to hear sounds and recognize the sounds around them. He also begins to make baby sounds and his facial expressions can change according to how he feels, for example raising his eyebrows, glaring, or blowing.

At 2 months of age, babies may also be able to show that they want to be held or played, for example by chattering or crying.

2 month baby social skills

Babies aged 2 months generally have started to interact by giving a smile. If we smile back at him, it can be a lesson for him that his actions are fun. This is also a part of communicating with babies.

In addition, at the age of 2 months, babies also begin to make sounds when someone is talking to them. Some babies may even be able to imitate the expressions of the other person.

Some Things to Pay Attention to in 2 Months Old Babies

The size of the baby's brain will generally grow about 5 cm during the first 3 months of life. Even if your baby isn't able to reply when someone talks to him or reads him a story, he usually enjoys hearing someone interact with him.

Enough sleep is the main foundation that will support the baby's development. At 2 months of age, babies usually begin to sleep longer at night than they did at birth. Mother can read a story or massage the Little One gently, so that he is more relaxed before going to bed.

Conditions to Watch Out for

The development of each child is unique, so you don't have to worry too much if your little one doesn't show any of the above signs at the age of 2 months. However, there is nothing wrong if you check your little one to the doctor when there are several things to worry about, such as:

  • Does not react when hearing loud noises
  • His vision does not focus on moving objects
  • Not realizing one's own hand or unable to grasp something
  • Don't smile when you or someone else smiles
  • Don't put his hand in his mouth
  • Unable to hold head up when lying on stomach
  • Looks less active and less enthusiastic about playing
  • Doesn't want to breastfeed smoothly

A 2 month old baby has a lot of development that Mom or Dad can see and feel. But keep in mind that each baby's motor, speech, and social development can be different.

If you still have questions regarding the development of a 2-month-old baby and how to train his abilities, you can consult a doctor.

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