Various Ways to Fix Breech Baby Position Naturally

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Various Ways to Fix Breech Baby Position Naturally
Various Ways to Fix Breech Baby Position Naturally

The position of the breech baby is the baby is in a vertical position with his head at the top of the uterus or his back to the birth canal, before the delivery period. Under normal conditions, the baby's head should be in the lower uterus facing the birth canal

While in the womb, the baby continues to move and spin. Over time, the size of the baby will increase so that it is difficult for the baby to move positions after the 37th week of gestation. The position of a breech baby can be known through a pregnancy examination or by ultrasound examination by an obstetrician at a hospital.

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Returning Baby to Normal Position

If your baby is in a breech position, you can "coax" your baby back into a normal position in a number of natural ways, as below.

  • Pelvic lift

    You can start changing the position of your breech baby in the womb by lifting your pelvis as high as 30 cm from the floor. To perform this technique, you must be in a supine position with your knees bent and your feet flat. This light exercise can be done for 10-15 minutes, three times each day. It is recommended that you use a pillow to support your pelvis so you don't feel pain. Regular exercise during pregnancy, such as walking, may also help improve the position of a breech baby.

  • Using sound

    Basically, babies start to hear sounds from outside the mother's stomach when they enter the 15th week of pregnancy. You can use music or your voice to persuade your baby to move into the proper position. To do this, you can attach the headphones directly to the lower part of your stomach.

  • Hypnosis therapy

    Hypnosis therapy is done to make you relax, calm, and focused by giving suggestions to your subconscious. Based on research, the position of the baby can be changed if pregnant women often do this therapy when the gestational age enters the 37th to 40th week. You can consult a doctor to get a recommendation from a competent hypnotherapist.

  • Acupuncture therapy

    Acupuncture therapy combined with burning leaves or herbs, also known as moxibustion therapy, coupled with other methods such as External Cephalic Version (ECV), thought to help change the position of a breech baby.The therapist will insert acupuncture needles into the tip of the little finger. This method is believed to be able to stimulate the movement of the baby in the womb so that it can return to its proper position. However, you should first consult with an obstetrician before using this alternative method.

Some of the natural treatment methods above can improve the position of a breech baby in some cases. However, not a few patients who do not get the expected results from this treatment. If the above treatment methods make you feel uncomfortable, painful, or irritated, it's best to stop immediately.

Handling in the Hospital

If natural methods cannot improve the position of a breech baby, it is better for you to consult a doctor to undergo medical treatment at the hospital. One of the most common ways to improve the position of a breech baby is the External Cephalic Version (ECV).This method is also often used if the baby is in a horizontal or transverse position in the womb.

Another treatment that can be done in the hospital is the administration of uterine relaxants or tocolytic drugs, which can be added with anesthesia or anesthesia to increase the success rate of ECV procedures.

If natural methods or medical procedures are still unable to improve the position of a breech baby, although normal delivery is still possible, doctors will generally choose to do a Caesarean delivery. This procedure is considered the safest way to deal with delivery in a breech position.

To get maximum results and prevent dangerous complications, it is better to consult an obstetrician first before trying any action to correct the position of any breech baby. And remember, that measures to correct the position of a breech baby must be carried out by trained medical professionals.

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