Preparing for Breech Baby Delivery

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Preparing for Breech Baby Delivery
Preparing for Breech Baby Delivery

The best position for a baby to be born is head down and feet up, so the head will come out first. However, not all babies are in this position when they are born. Some babies in the mother's womb are upside down, or called breech babies, so they require special handling

Babies are not in the same position continuously while in the womb. During pregnancy, the baby will move a lot and change positions, then be in a head-down position towards the time of delivery. About 97 percent of babies are in a normal position or head down so that the head can come out first at birth.But not all babies will be in this normal position.

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There is no definite reason why a baby can be in a breech position. This condition generally cannot be felt directly by the mother but can be detected through ultrasound or ultrasound examination. However, if the pregnancy has reached 36 weeks and above, chances are the mother can feel the baby kick in the lower abdomen.

Various Positions of Breech Babies Ahead of Labor

The following are some variations of the breech position that may occur during delivery:

  • Both feet down with head up.
  • Baby's buttocks are down with legs straight up close to the head
  • Buttocks are down with knees bent and feet close to buttocks.

In addition to the breech position, the baby can also be in a transverse position before delivery, that is, the baby is in a horizontal position.

breech baby is difficult to be born with normal delivery

Babies who are transverse are generally easier to return to their normal position before birth, so they can be born through normal delivery. However, this is not the case with breech babies. At the age of 8 months of pregnancy, there is not much space left in the womb so it is unlikely that the baby will change position. This makes breech babies require special handling.

Breech delivery is quite risky if it is carried out by normal delivery, so delivery is usually carried out by Caesarean section. Especially in the following conditions:

  • The baby weighs more than 3.8 kilograms or less than 2 kilograms.
  • Premature baby.
  • Baby's feet are under the buttocks
  • Place the placenta low.
  • Mother has preeclampsia.
  • Mother has a small pelvis, so there is not enough room for the baby to escape.
  • Mother has had Ca surgery before

How to Fix a Breech Baby's Position

There is a way that can be taken if a pregnant mother with a baby in a breech position still wants to undergo a normal delivery, namely by changing the position of the baby in the stomach.

One method to change the position of a breech baby is the external cephalic version (ECV). This method is carried out with a special technique by obstetricians by pressing the pregnant woman's abdomen to direct the baby's head down.

Although there is a possibility that pregnant women will feel uncomfortable during the ECV process, this procedure is safe and the success rate of this method is up to 50 percent in babies in the breech position.Meanwhile, the success rate of ECV in the transverse position is higher, reaching 90 percent.

But there are some conditions that can make ECV unsuccessful or impossible, such as multiple pregnancies, placenta previa, low amniotic fluid, or a history of bleeding during pregnancy.

If the ECV is not successful, a Caesarean section will generally be performed to deliver the baby, but it is preceded by an ultrasound to confirm the position and monitor the baby's heart rate. In addition, although it is rare, complications from ECV that can occur include the placenta separating from the uterine wall. This condition causes the baby to be delivered by Caesarean section immediately.

This is what makes the ECV procedure need to be well prepared. This procedure should also be carried out in a hospital with a complete team and facilities ready to anticipate an emergency situation.

Conducting pregnancy check-ups and ultrasounds on a regular basis, can make the position of a breech baby be detected and treated more quickly. Then with the help of doctors and trained medical experts, a breech baby can have a chance to be born safely.

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