Here are some choices of masks for blackheads

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Here are some choices of masks for blackheads
Here are some choices of masks for blackheads

There are several choices of masks for blackheads that you can make yourself at home. These masks are made from natural ingredients that are believed to be able to help lift stubborn blackheads on the face

Blackheads are included in mild acne that is common to everyone, but it is more common in people with oily skin. Blackheads are formed because the pores of the face are clogged with dead skin cells, so that oil cannot come out.

These are some choices of masks for blackheads - Alodokter

Choice of Masks for Blackheads

The appearance of blackheads on the face can interfere with appearance, so many people do not like the presence of blackheads on their faces. Therefore, let's get rid of blackheads on the face by using the following selection of masks for blackheads:

1. Charcoal mask

One of the most popular choices for blackhead masks is a charcoal mask. This mask is made of charcoal which has a high absorption capacity, so it can absorb dirt on blackheads. The use of a charcoal mask once a week is considered to be able to overcome the appearance of blackheads that interfere with appearance.

Although charcoal masks can help remove blackheads on the face, you have to be careful when using them, especially during the peeling process. The reason is, peeling charcoal masks often causes pain and irritation to the skin.

To avoid this, it is recommended that you wet the surface of the mask with a little water before peeling off the mask, so that the mask becomes more moist and easy to remove.

2. Clay mask

Clay masks are also believed to be one of the choices for masks for blackheads. This mask can lift excess oil and dirt into the pores of the face, thereby reducing blackheads.

In addition, clay masks with added sulfur content are considered to be able to remove dead skin cells which also trigger the formation of blackheads on the face. To feel the benefits of clay masks, you just need to use this mask once per week.

3. Tea tree oil mask

The next choice of masks for blackheads is a tea tree oil mask. This mask is claimed to be able to overcome the problem of stubborn blackheads by reducing excess oil production which is one of the triggers for the formation of blackheads.

To use tea tree oil as a blackhead mask, you only need to mix 1-2 drops of tea tree oil with 12 drops of carrier oil such as olive oil and coconut oil. After that, apply to the face evenly and rinse thoroughly after use.

The use of tea tree oil masks on the face may cause skin allergies and irritation. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply a small amount of tea tree oil to your skin before using it in large quantities. If no allergic reaction occurs, you can continue use.

4. Lemon mask

Because blackheads are caused by clogged pores by dead skin cells and excess oil, one way to overcome and reduce blackheads is to exfoliate the skin, aka remove dead skin cells at the very top of the skin.

Lemon is one of the natural ingredients that can be used to exfoliate the skin. How to use lemon as a mask is also quite easy. You just need to mix lemon juice and water with sugar to taste. After forming a paste, apply it to the skin evenly, then gently massage the face in circular motions so that stubborn blackheads can be lifted.

In addition to being able to overcome blackheads, the use of skin care products containing lemon can also increase skin elasticity. This is because lemons contain high levels of antioxidants.

In addition to the natural ingredients above, you can also use instant masks sold in the market. There are many masks made from natural ingredients and are able to overcome stubborn blackheads.

However, pay attention to the mask packaging label first and make sure the mask you choose is suitable for your skin type. If after use irritation or allergic reaction occurs, you should consult a doctor.

Tips to Prevent Blackheads

The best way to deal with blackheads is to prevent blackheads from appearing in the first place. This prevention can be done by doing the following simple treatments.

1. Wash your face regularly

Get used to washing your face regularly, namely when you wake up and before going to bed to reduce oil buildup on your face. This means that this habit can help prevent blackheads from appearing.

2. Wash your hair regularly

For those of you who have an oily scalp, the habit of washing your hair every day can also be a way to prevent blackheads. This is because oil on the scalp and hair can also increase oil levels on the face and cause clogged pores.

3. Using non-comedogenic products

In choosing beauty products such as make-up, lotion, and sunscreen, choose products that are labeled non-comedogenic and avoid products that contain oil. Beauty products that contain oil can trigger the formation of new blackheads.

4. Doing scrubbing regularly

Another way that is no less important to prevent the formation of blackheads on the face is to do facial scrubbing regularly, for example 2 times a week. By doing regular scrubbing, dead skin cells on the face can be lifted, thereby reducing pore blockage and the formation of blackheads.

However, do not scrub too often because it can cause irritation and small wounds on the face. To soothe the skin after scrubbing, don't forget to apply moisturizer on your face.

There are various choices of masks for blackheads. Even though it is made from natural ingredients, you still have to be careful because this does not rule out the possibility of irritation and allergies to the skin.

If you have used the mask regularly but the blackhead problem has not been resolved, you can consult a doctor. Usually the doctor will give you topical medication that contains salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and resorcinol.

In addition to topical medications, doctors can also recommend skin treatments such as microdermabrasion, facial peels or laser therapy as well to treat stubborn blackheads on the face.

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