Know How to Educate Good Children Here

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Know How to Educate Good Children Here
Know How to Educate Good Children Here

How to raise a good child is not an easy thing. When you have children, you are also required to be able to teach your little one many things. Therefore, it is important for you and your partner to know various ways of educating good children so that your little one grows into a child who will be accepted easily in their environment

Some parents may think that their child's education is only obtained when your child is in school. In fact, true learning isn't just about memorizing history or solving math problems like your child does at school.Learning is a process of analyzing, asking questions, and also discussing something interactively and also done for life.

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4 Things to Instill in Your Little One

Children must be taught good behavior so that they can live and work well in society when they grow up. How to raise a good child must be adjusted to the age of your child.

There are some basic things that you should instill in your little one as early as possible, including:

  • Love

    Parents tend to think that their children are naturally loving, generous, and full of affection. This is true, but as a parent you must also teach it. Let your little one see you showing love and affection for the people in your environment.Give kisses and hugs to your partner when your little one is there. Tell him that you love and care about your grandparents, uncles, and other family members. This can transmit a sense of love and affection to the Little One, so that when he grows up he grows into a loving and loving person.

  • Honesty

    The value of honesty is important for you to teach your little one. The best way to teach it is by being honest. Yes, you have to be an honest person to teach him the value of honesty. Let him know how honest you are with your spouse, neighbors, or other adults. And, try not to overreact when dealing with your little one who is lying to you. Help your little one to say something honestly, so he will be encouraged to always say and act honestly.

  • Justice

    When your child is jealous of a friend's toy and destroys it, you can use the incident to teach him to be fair.The trick is to listen first to what is the reason your little one breaks his friend's toy, and advise him to apologize for his mistake to his friend. Then, you can suggest him to replace or help clean up his friend's toys that he has broken. This can teach him to be fair and learn to make amends for his friends.

  • Manners

    Teach your little one about manners. Show him that he should say “please” when asking you or someone else for help, and say “thank you” when someone else has helped or given something. This can help him to become a child who has a polite attitude, especially to people who are older.

This is what you should do with your little one

Your child is a great imitator. He will imitate all the good and bad behavior that you or your partner exemplifies. Therefore, as a medium for educating good children, here are some tips that you can do for your baby, namely:

  • Give a gift or just a compliment when your little one behaves well.
  • Always support the good that the child does and give him lots of love.
  • Kids will imitate everything from you. Therefore, act and talk to him the way you want your child to be.
  • Be nice, but stay firm.
  • Beware of actions that can harm himself or others, this kind of behavior must be corrected.
  • Be consistent about something. Make sure that you and your partner are consistent about something that is allowed or not for your child.
  • Give clear and age-appropriate rules for your child. Remember that preschoolers or toddlers tend not to understand the meaning of rules. While children who are already in school, already understand what the rules are that you make.
  • Give clear boundaries to children. For example, the time limit for watching television every day, or the limit on playing gadgets on weekends.
  • Don't feel tired to tell him about bad behavior that you or your partner don't like about your little one. It can make him gradually get rid of his bad behavior.
  • Don't nag him too much.
  • Avoid criticizing the Little One.
  • Don't call him “Bad boy”, because what is bad is his behavior. Also explain to him that if there is bad behavior from his peers, it is his behavior that is bad, not his friend's personality.
  • Don't hit him either. By hitting, you teach that hitting other people is allowed to solve problems.
  • Don't pull or tug on their hair, drag their arms or shake them when they make a mistake.

Parents should help their children prepare for their future. How to raise a good child is not an easy thing to do. However, it must be done. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with equipping yourself with knowledge about parenting. In addition to social skills, there are also various tips for smart children that you can apply.

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