8 Months Pregnant: Prepare for Labor

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8 Months Pregnant: Prepare for Labor
8 Months Pregnant: Prepare for Labor

8 months pregnant is a time when pregnant women need to prepare themselves and prepare various needs to undergo childbirth and welcome the arrival of the baby. At this gestational age, the development and growth of the fetus is getting more perfect

If pregnant women want to give birth normally, 8 months pregnant is the right time to prepare everything. One of the preparations pregnant women can do is to take part in pregnancy exercises.

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Women should also know the growth of the fetus and what to pay attention to during this 8 month gestation.

How is the Fetus Growing?

When you are 8 months pregnant, the position of the fetal head is generally facing and pressing the cervix. The following is the development experienced by the fetus every week:

33rd week of pregnancy

In this week, the fetus will weigh about 1.9 kg with a length of 43.7 cm. There are several fetal developments when entering 33 weeks of gestation, including:

  • The head of the fetus is in the lower uterus in a position ready to be born. However, its position can change in the last weeks leading up to delivery
  • The cranium is still not strong and is fully formed so that it can pass through the birth canal more easily
  • His skin starts to look brighter and less wrinkled as the fat under the skin's surface increases
  • The brain and nervous system of the fetus are fully developed

34th week of pregnancy

Entering the 34th week, the fetus weighs about 2.1 kg with a length of 45 cm. The growth is even more significant, such as:

  • Fat under the skin continues to grow to maintain body temperature
  • The part of the ear that conveys messages to the brain is growing and makes the baby more aware of sounds
  • The bones in his body are getting harder, except for the cranium

35th week of pregnancy

At this gestational age, the fetus weighs about 2.3 kg with a length of 46.2 cm. His body growth is also very fast, including:

  • Visible movement of the fetus with a lump on the surface of the abdomen
  • Jain position curled up on the stomach with legs bent towards the chest
  • The testicles in a male fetus begin to descend from the abdomen into the scrotum

36th week of pregnancy

In this week, the fetus weighs about 2.6 kg with a length of 47.4 cm. Approaching 9 months pregnant, the fetal body begins to prepare and adjust to face conditions outside the womb. The following are some of the changes that occurred:

  • Lungs are perfect and ready to take their first breath as soon as they are born into the world
  • Digestive system is fully developed and ready to suckle
  • The head of the fetus may have descended into the pelvis and is ready to be born

Changes That Happened to the Body of 8 Months Pregnant Women

When you are 8 months pregnant, you will gain weight and make pregnant women easily tired and feel back pain. In addition, pregnant women's uterus also continues to tighten or begin to contract from time to time.This is a normal condition in pregnancy as part of facing childbirth.

However, contractions are not necessarily a sign that the fetus will be born soon. If the contractions are frequent or painful and get louder over time, contact your doctor or midwife immediately.

Pregnant women will also urinate more often because the uterus presses on the bladder. However, keep drinking enough mineral water to prevent dehydration.

Reduce the consumption of tea and coffee, because the caffeine content in these drinks can make pregnant women urinate more often and have difficulty sleeping.

What to Check When 8 Months Pregnant?

When pregnant for 8 months, pregnant women need to be more aware of certain complaints or conditions, including:

  • Bleeding from the vagina, especially if the amount is large
  • High blood pressure
  • Preeclampsia
  • severe itching which can be a symptom of liver disorders
  • Braxton Hicks contractions
  • Premature rupture of membranes
  • Fetal activity is reduced or not moving at all

Pregnant women may also have to give birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy. This birth is categorized as a premature birth. Babies born prematurely will need special care and attention.

What to Pay Attention to When 8 Months Pregnant?

8 months pregnant is a time when pregnant women begin to prepare for childbirth. Here are some guidelines that can make it easier for pregnant women to face childbirth:

1. Choose the right hospital

Pregnant women should choose a hospital or maternity clinic that is affordable and allows mothers to initiate early breastfeeding (IMD) and not separate rooms from the baby.

IMD is needed so that babies get the benefits of colostrum, while a room with a baby makes it easier for mothers to give breast milk at any time.

2. Follow the breastfeeding method introduction

When you are 8 months pregnant, pregnant women should have undergone a period of training to introduce breastfeeding methods that can be followed at maternal and child hospitals, lactation clinics, or foundations that handle these activities, such as the Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers Association (AIMI).

3. Prepare a bag containing your maternity needs

When the gestational age has entered the 36th week, pregnant women are recommended to prepare a bag containing the needs during childbirth. Thus, when experiencing contractions, pregnant women no longer need to be busy deciding what to bring.

The following are some of the items that should be in the bag:

  • He alth insurance card
  • Breast pads to absorb milk that starts to drip
  • Change for mother and baby
  • Bath essentials, including special postnatal sanitary napkins
  • Baby necessities, such as clothes, blankets, and diapers
  • Breastfeeding equipment, such as breast pumps and bottles, if the mother can't breastfeed
  • Extra blanket for mother and baby
  • Important items during the pandemic, such as disposable gloves, masks, and sanitary ware

4. Ask experienced people for advice

Parents or loved ones who have previously given birth may have special tips when dealing with childbirth. Pregnant women can ask for their support and advice as a reference before welcoming their little one.

However, make sure the information is accurate and not just a myth. If necessary, pregnant women can also consult a doctor to ask what things need to be prepared and need to be done when pregnant for 8 months.

Some of these things pregnant women must prepare well before 9 months pregnant, because at that gestational age a baby can be born at any time. If you still have questions about 8 months pregnant, pregnant women can consult a gynecologist to get the right explanation.

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