5 Ways to Get Rid of Disease-Carrying Insects

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5 Ways to Get Rid of Disease-Carrying Insects
5 Ways to Get Rid of Disease-Carrying Insects

Getting rid of insects can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. Not infrequently, insects that have been exterminated reappear and cause he alth problems. Therefore, it is important to know the right way to get rid of insects so that you and your family's he alth is maintained

Cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, and bed bugs are some of the types of insects that are often the main enemies in the house because they are difficult to get rid of. Due to their small size, these insects can live in various locations in the house so their whereabouts are not always known.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Disease-Carrying Insects - Alodokter

If not immediately eradicated, various types of insects can cause various he alth problems, such as allergies, diarrhea, dengue fever, to malaria.

Therefore, it is important to always keep the house clean and regularly eradicate insects that live in the house to avoid various diseases.

Some Ways to Get Rid of Insects

If you often find lots of insects nesting or hanging around in your house, there are several ways to get rid of insects that you can do, namely:

1. Diligently cleaning the house

Cleaning the house every day can prevent insects from coming. You can do this by sweeping, mopping, and cleaning crevices, including the underside of furniture and furniture.

This is important to do to clean up leftover food that has fallen and can invite various insects, such as ants and cockroaches. In addition, brushing the bathroom and keeping the drain or drain clean can also prevent the arrival of centipedes.

In addition, you also need to regularly change the sheets and clean the mattress using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of bed bugs. Every now and then, dry the mattress outside the house when the sun is hot to get rid of the insects that live in the bed.

2. Adjust the humidity

Various types of insects, including mosquitoes and cockroaches, prefer to live in damp places. Therefore, to repel mosquitoes and cockroaches and prevent them from nesting in your home, you need to maintain good air circulation.

Try to keep the air in the house clean and dry so that the insects don't stay indoors for long.

3. Avoid piling up trash

Household garbage that accumulates can invite insects, such as flies, cockroaches, and ants. In addition, insects such as termites also like to stay at home when there are piles of things made of wood and paper.

When the rainy season comes, garbage that accumulates and can hold water also often becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially the Aedes aegypti mosquito which can cause dengue fever.

So, you need to routinely take steps to prevent dengue fever by doing 3M, namely draining, closing, and burying, so that mosquitoes or other insects don't nest in the house.

4. Using aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy generally uses a variety of essential oils with a refreshing aroma. This oil can also be used to repel insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, from the house.

If you have a diffuser, you can add invigorating aromatherapy oils, such as lavender, mint, and eucalyptus, to repel insects in your home.

5. Using insecticide

Some types of insects, such as termites and cockroaches, can be difficult to get rid of once they have nested in the house. The nests of these insects can be difficult to reach, so they will reappear after you get rid of them.

To kill those stubborn insects, you can use insect venom or insecticide. Sometimes, insecticides are also used as mixed solutions for fogging.

If you store insecticide poisons in the house, remember to keep them in a safe place that is hard for children to reach. If the insects at home are still difficult to get rid of, you can contact a professional pest control service provider (pest control).

The use of insecticides must be careful in order to reduce the risk of being exposed to insecticide poisoning.

Tips to Prevent Insect Bites

Insects can carry disease if they bite you or contaminate the food and drinks you consume. If allowed to nest and roam in the house, insects can even enter body cavities, such as the nose and ears.

Therefore, you need to regularly eradicate insects with the above methods. Also do the following tips to prevent insect bites:

  • Install mosquito nets on ventilation in the house, such as doors and windows.
  • Use a fan or air conditioner (AC) to repel flying mosquitoes and flies.
  • Use a mosquito repellent lotion with active ingredients DEET, picaridin, IR3535, or natural ingredients, such as citronella oil or eucalyptus oil.
  • Wear clothes that cover the whole body, such as long pants and long-sleeved shirts, and choose clean and brightly colored clothes.
  • Avoid using perfume or perfume on clothes.
  • Keep pets clean and he althy at home, if you have certain animals, such as cats or dogs.

If you have tried various methods to get rid of the insects, but the bugs are still appearing, you should call a professional exterminator to clean the house from insects.

Eradication of insects is not an easy thing to do and can even cause he alth problems if not immediately eradicated. If you experience complaints after being bitten by insects, such as fever, weakness, and itching, you should consult a doctor for treatment.

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