Disorders Due to Accumulation of Dry Earwax and How to Overcome It

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Disorders Due to Accumulation of Dry Earwax and How to Overcome It
Disorders Due to Accumulation of Dry Earwax and How to Overcome It

Earwax, whether dry or wet earwax, has a role in protecting the auditory canal from the entry of foreign objects from the outside. However, earwax can also cause problems, especially if it is too much and builds up

Earwax can dry out due to being in the ear canal for too long. When it builds up, earwax can cause a blockage in the ear canal (cerumen prop) that interferes with hearing.

Disorders Due to Accumulating Dry Earwax and How to Overcome Them - Alodokter

There are several factors that cause the accumulation of dry earwax, such as having a narrow and hairy ear canal, the habit of using cotton buds or earphones, and inserting foreign objects into the ear canal. These things can push the earwax deeper.

Disorders Due to Dry Earwax Accumulation

Dry earwax that accumulates is often characterized by symptoms of the ear feeling uncomfortable and full as if something is stuck. Not only that, there are also several other disturbances that may appear, such as:

Decreased hearing ability

Dry earwax that accumulates can clog the ear canal, thereby risking hearing loss. This condition also allows ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

Infection and irritation

Accumulation of dry earwax that is not cleaned immediately can increase the risk of infection due to bacterial growth around the ear canal.In addition, cleaning dry earwax in an improper way can also cause ear injuries, thereby increasing the risk of irritation.

Difficulty in ear examination

Dry earwax that accumulates will make it difficult for doctors to diagnose ear diseases that may occur. This is because the buildup of wax blocks the doctor's view when examining the inside of the ear.

How to get rid of accumulated dry earwax

The following are some ways to clean accumulated earwax that you can do:

  • Use natural drops, such as s alt water, olive oil, and coconut oil, which can help soften dry earwax so that it can be removed easily.
  • Use ear drops from the pharmacy, such as acetic acid, sodium bicarbonate, and hydrogen peroxide which also work to soften earwax.
  • Check with the doctor if treatment at home doesn't work. Usually the doctor will perform ear irrigation to rinse dry earwax. However, this method cannot be done if there is an injury or disruption to the eardrum because it can lead to infection and damage to hearing function.

The important thing you need to remember is that softening dry earwax that has accumulated takes more than a day. So, you may need to apply ear drops regularly until the earwax is soft and easy to remove.

Avoid cleaning earwax by inserting certain objects into the ear and pulling it, especially with the help of sharp objects. Also avoid using ear candles or ear candles because they are not proven effective and actually risk causing injury, such as burning.

If you have a history of previous ear problems or start to feel ear pain, especially those accompanied by hearing loss or fever, it is advisable not to clean your ears yourself.In addition, you are also advised to go to the doctor to get the appropriate examination and treatment.

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