Shhh, Don't Say This to Newborn Mothers

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Shhh, Don't Say This to Newborn Mothers
Shhh, Don't Say This to Newborn Mothers

Giving birth is a very tiring process. In fact, not a few women who have to risk their lives while going through childbirth. Support from those closest to him can certainly help him through the recovery period. However, there are some things that should not be said to women who have just given birth, you know

When visiting mothers who have just given birth, you should be careful if you want to make comments. Your intentions may be good and mean to provide support, but choose your sentences wisely.

Shhh, Don't Say This to Newborn Mothers - Alodokter
Shhh, Don't Say This to Newborn Mothers - Alodokter

Avoid sentences that can offend new mothers. This is because childbirth is a process that is not only very draining, but also emotional. Therefore, it is natural that mothers who have just given birth tend to be more sensitive.

Sentences You Should Avoid

Breastfeeding and caring for a newborn is not an easy thing. Even though it sounds trivial, wrong words can make a new mother feel stressed and anxious.

Well, as a form of support for mothers who have just given birth to speed up the recovery process, avoid saying the following sentences:

1. Normal delivery or caesarean?

There is an assumption that caesarean delivery is easier because the mother does not need to experience pain during the opening process. In fact, both normal delivery and caesarean, a mother both struggles to give birth to her baby into the world.

A mother may give birth by cesarean section because she has certain problems during pregnancy, such as preeclampsia, narrow pelvis, or breech position of the baby.

However, regardless of the birth process, this sentence does not need to be asked. Instead, support the mother so that she recovers quickly after giving birth.

2. Baby is breastfed or formula milk?

Every mother has a great desire to breastfeed her baby. However, for some mothers, breastfeeding is not an easy process due to several problems, such as sore nipples, swollen breasts, difficult latch on, or stress, so that the breastfeeding process is not smooth.

Therefore, the question of whether a baby is breastfed or formula-fed can offend a mother who may have difficulty breastfeeding her baby. In fact, this question can make a new mother feel that she is not a good mother

3. How come you still look pregnant, huh?

After giving birth, the mother's stomach does not automatically shrink immediately. It can take a few weeks for the mother's body to return to its pre-pregnancy size. Therefore, you should not give words or comments that are related to the mother's physical form, let alone to give the impression of body shaming.

4. How come the baby looks skinny?

This is also a statement that should be avoided. A newborn who looks small and thin could be because he was born prematurely or has just been treated in the NICU for certain conditions.

If you mention it, it may upset your feelings or even stress your mother.

5. Don't sleep all the time. I'm so lazy

It was mentioned earlier that childbirth is a very tiring process. Therefore, it is only natural that mothers who have just given birth need time to recover with plenty of rest.

Not only that, a mother's struggle does not stop when she gives birth to a baby. After giving birth, mothers will definitely be exhausted from having to breastfeed, look after, and take care of their newborn babies. She also has to change a diaper or soothe a baby when it's fussy.

Remember, if you can't help lighten your mother's busy schedule with baby care, at least you can't say anything that would make her sad or anxious.

Give Support Through Spoken Sentences

Instead of busy questioning something or saying a sentence that makes her feel sad, say a few words that can lift the mood of a new mother. Some examples of these sentences include:

You are great

Compliments to mothers who have just given birth will certainly mean a lot to her. The process of giving birth is a very difficult thing to go through. Let mom hear these words from you and those around her so she feels excited.

Thank goodness your baby is he althy and perfect

If the baby is born in good he alth overall, it would be very nice if you give a compliment. For example, "Thank God, I'm so glad that your baby was born he althy and perfect."

This will make the new mother feel more relaxed and calm, and help her to always be grateful for the presence of the baby.

You look beautiful, don't you

It could be that after giving birth, both the shape of the mother's body and face will look a little different from before. This can occur due to changes in the body during pregnancy as well as various physical challenges experienced during pregnancy such as difficulty sleeping and fatigue.

Compliments such as “You look more fresh and beautiful”, will help new mothers feel more confident.

Being a mother is not easy. Therefore, we should be kind and not add to the burden of a new mother with words that can offend her feelings. If it's hard to say a compliment, you can simply congratulate the baby on the birth.

Well, you already know, right, the sentences that should not be said to mothers who have just given birth? So, don't get me wrong, okay.

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