These are tips for safe and comfortable swimming while pregnant

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These are tips for safe and comfortable swimming while pregnant
These are tips for safe and comfortable swimming while pregnant

Swimming while pregnant is relatively safe to do. Swimming has a low risk of injury because the movements tend to be light and there is no risk of falling pregnant women. Even so, there are still safety aspects that need to be considered when swimming. Come on, find out here

Swimming while pregnant is one of the best ways to stay he althy and fit. This really needs to be done so that the body stays fit, both for the mother and for the fetus in the womb.

These are tips for safe and comfortable swimming while pregnant - Alodokter

Swimming during pregnancy can improve blood circulation, improve heart and lung function, improve sleep quality for pregnant women, and reduce fluid buildup in body tissues that often causes pregnant women's legs to swell.

Safe Tips for Swimming During Pregnancy

If you are used to swimming before getting pregnant, pregnant women can immediately continue this habit when pregnant. However, even if pregnant women are not used to swimming, this sport is still safe to do, really. The following are tips for safe and comfortable swimming during pregnancy:

1. Wear a comfortable swimsuit

During pregnancy, the shape and size of the pregnant woman's body will change. Therefore, use a swimsuit that is the right size and comfortable to wear so that pregnant women can still move freely while swimming.

2. Watch the steps around the pool

The risk of falling in the swimming pool is almost non-existent, but the risk of falling on the floor around a slippery pool can be very high.Therefore, be careful when walking around the pool. Use non-slip shoes or sandals when walking on wet surfaces.

Be careful when pregnant women enter the swimming pool. It's best to avoid jumping because it can put considerable pressure on the stomach and pose a risk to pregnancy.

3. Use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30

So that pregnant women don't get sunburnt, use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 level. It's also better to avoid swimming above 10.00 am to 16.00 pm because at that time the sun can really sting the skin.

The morning sun before 10.00 tends to be more shady and not stinging. In addition, swimming at this hour is also good for preventing nausea and increasing energy, especially for pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy.

4. Stretch your muscles and choose a comfortable swimming style

So that the muscles are not shocked, do muscle stretches before and after swimming. When swimming, choose a swimming style that is light and comfortable so as not to injure your neck, shoulders, or back muscles. Breaststroke is the best choice pregnant women can do. With this style, pregnant women don't have to bother twisting their bodies or stomachs.

5. Stay hydrated

Enough consumption of mineral water so that pregnant women don't get weak and tired because of dehydration. Even though pregnant women don't feel thirsty while swimming, take time to rest for a while and drink a few sips of mineral water.

6. Always accompanied when swimming

Ask to always be accompanied when pregnant women are swimming. This is necessary so that if at any time something happens that endangers the pregnant woman's pregnancy, someone else is on standby and can help the pregnant woman.

7. Pay attention to the temperature of the swimming pool water

When the day is too hot, the temperature of the swimming pool water can increase. The ideal swimming pool water temperature is 27–33 degrees Celsius. The temperature above is considered risky because it can make the pregnant woman's body temperature too high.

One of the things that pregnant women fear the most when swimming is the chlorine content in swimming pool water which can harm the mother and fetus. In fact, until now there is no evidence to suggest that chlorine in swimming pool water can cause pregnant women to miscarry.

So, you don't have to be afraid to swim when you're pregnant, OK, pregnant women. Pregnant women can do swimming by applying the tips above. If your muscles hurt or tighten when you swim, you may be experiencing muscle cramps. Immediately get out of the pool and rest for a while.

Some pregnancy conditions make pregnant women have to limit physical activity in order to maintain pregnancy. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if pregnant women want to consult a doctor first before deciding to swim while pregnant.

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