Sport Supports Kinesthetic Intelligence and Makes Children He althier

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Sport Supports Kinesthetic Intelligence and Makes Children He althier
Sport Supports Kinesthetic Intelligence and Makes Children He althier

Everyone has different intelligence. Each individual can excel in certain fields that are different from others, even in various fields. The concept of intelligence is called multiple intelligence or multiple intelligences. One of the multiple intelligences is kinesthetic intelligence

Kinesthetic intelligence is related to physical activities, such as sports or dancing. This also has to do with the ability to activate all body parts such as fingers, arms and hands to be creative in daily activities.

Sport Supports Kinesthetic Intelligence and Makes Children He althier - Alodokter

Acquired Benefits

Being active in sports is one of the characteristics of kinesthetically intelligent children. Of course this is a positive thing because exercise can make children he althy. In addition, exercise also has many influences on children's brain development, including mental intelligence. That's why children are advised to exercise regularly.

Here are the benefits of exercise, related to kinesthetic intelligence and he alth:

  • Think better

Children who exercise regularly, their thinking skills will be sharper. Even more encouraging, these effects can be felt immediately after exercise. After exercising for 20 minutes, children's understanding of math lessons has increased.The reason is the feeling of joy during and after exercise. This has also been proven through research.

  • More confident

Children who are active in sports, their self-confidence will increase. This is due to the effect of the benefits of exercise on brain performance. The influence also extends, namely increasing academic ability.

  • Sleep better

Regular exercise makes children sleep longer and more soundly. It also means that he has enough rest so that his mood and memory will be better.

  • Better mood

Research has proven this. The reason is that when doing physical activity, the body releases chemicals in the brain, so it can prevent children from experiencing stress. Sports also make children feel happy and in the end a better mood.

Doing Exercise Moderately

When children tend to show kinesthetic intelligence with physically active, including fond of sports, parents are advised not to overdo it.

What parents need to do is know when their child should rest. Because, children need adequate rest to support growth and development.

On the other hand, for children who feel bored or don't want to do sports, you should find out the cause. Parents can introduce their child to other types of sports or stop temporarily and replace them with other activities.

In addition, pay attention to other social factors that cause your child to want to stop exercising. For example, bullying or bullying occurs in children. Consult the child's teacher or trainer about this.

Children who show kinesthetic intelligence, which is characterized by a love of sports, need to get support and guidance. Help children find the right type of sport, to get the optimal benefits of exercise.

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