How to Choose Herbal Supplements Correctly

How to Choose Herbal Supplements Correctly
How to Choose Herbal Supplements Correctly

Herbal medicine or herbal supplements are not new to the people of Indonesia. These drugs are easy to find everywhere, can be made yourself, and may have been consumed for generations since hundreds of years ago. If you want to take herbal supplements, research before buying

There are various types of herbal supplements in Indonesia, ranging from ingredients that must be squeezed, brewed, or boiled and drunk the water, plant extracts, pills, capsules, tablets, powders, to herbal supplements in liquid form, for example Tahitian juice. noni. In addition, certain plants, such as sappan wood or cordyceps, are also often consumed as supplements or herbal teas.

How to Choose Herbal Supplements Correctly - Alodokter

Various choices of drugs or herbal supplements are believed to be able to maintain or improve he alth, and even treat many diseases. Certain herbal ingredients are also claimed to help the process of removing toxins or detoxifying the body.

Nowadays, many people combine these herbal supplements with modern medical treatment to cure their illness. The reason is because herbal medicines or supplements are made from natural ingredients, not chemical mixtures.

But even though they are natural, medicines or herbal supplements are not necessarily suitable for everyone and have the potential to cause other problems, for example:

  • All herbal ingredients can have side effects. Anything strong enough to produce a positive effect, such as lowering cholesterol or high blood pressure, is also strong enough to carry unwanted risks.
  • Drugs and herbal supplements have an interaction effect with certain medications that have the potential to reduce the effects of drugs, increase the risk of side effects, and interfere with drug metabolism in the body.
  • Not all herbal medicines are registered and certified.
  • Evidence of the effectiveness of medicinal herbs (scientific research/clinical trials) is generally very limited.

Herbal supplements are generally categorized as a type of traditional dietary supplement. Therefore, studies of effectiveness, dosage, and side effects are also subject to different regulations from studies on drugs in general. Therefore, before buying medicine or herbal supplements, it is recommended to do the following things:

  • Consult your doctor before buying or taking herbal medicines.
  • Check if the product is registered with the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (Badan POM) of the Republic of Indonesia. You can check by going to this site.
  • Research companies that make herbal products
  • Research whether the product makes strange claims or is difficult to prove.
  • Check if the product has gone through the clinical trials prescribed by the government. Also check whether the research was carried out correctly.
  • Check whether the product label contains information about the raw ingredients of the drug, its side effects, standard formulas, instructions for use, and warnings for use. Also check whether the information on the label is clear and easy to read.
  • Check if there is a registered phone number, address, or website so that you as a consumer can find out more information about the product.
  • Learn as much as you can about the herbs you take by consulting your doctor and contacting herbal supplement manufacturers for information.
  • If you are taking herbal supplements, follow label directions carefully and use according to the recommended dosage.
  • Watch out for side effects and see a doctor if an allergic reaction occurs.

Finally, keep in mind that the use of herbal products should be consulted with a doctor first if there are several conditions such as:

  • Consuming other drugs. Although this supplement is believed to be safer because it is made from herbal and natural ingredients, the active ingredients of herbal supplements may be active chemical compounds. These ingredients can interact with other drugs and affect the performance and metabolism of drugs in the body.
  • Have a serious he alth condition, such as liver or kidney disease.
  • Must have surgery.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Elderly old people.
  • Children.
  • History of allergies to herbal products.

The decision to choose herbal products needs to be adjusted to several factors such as: clinical effects that are proven to be efficacious and supported by evidence from standardized research, side effects and risks of using herbal products, and price suitability.So, before you take any medicine or herbal supplements, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor first.

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