Tips and How to Use the Test Pack for More Accurate Results

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Tips and How to Use the Test Pack for More Accurate Results
Tips and How to Use the Test Pack for More Accurate Results

How to use the test pack does look simple. However, improper use can actually result in inaccurate results, you know. Therefore, it is important for you to know the correct steps to use this pregnancy test kit

The test pack tool works by detecting the presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in urine or urine. This hormone is only present when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall. The levels will also increase with increasing gestational age.

The use of this pregnancy test has an accuracy of 99%. However, inaccurate test pack results may occur. This can be caused by the wrong time to use it or the wrong way to use the test pack.

Tips and How to Use the Correct Test Pack

There are several tips and how to use the correct test pack so that the results are more accurate, namely:

Make sure the test pack is in good condition

You can buy test packs freely at pharmacies or supermarkets. Look at the expiration date on the product first. Expired test packs will have less accuracy.

In addition, choose a test pack that is still in good condition and has high sensitivity. The more sensitive the pregnancy test kit, the more capable it will be to detect low levels of the hCG hormone in early pregnancy.

Know the exact time using the test pack

The time to use the test pack greatly affects the accuracy of the results. If you use a new test pack after a few days of having sex, the result could be negative because the hCG hormone has not been produced or is still very low.

You can check your pregnancy with a test pack on the first day you missed your period or 1-2 weeks after having sex. For accurate results, wait until your period is 1-2 weeks late. If you are indeed pregnant, it is estimated that at that time you have reached 6 weeks of pregnancy.

In addition, the use of test packs is not recommended during the day. This is because during the day you have been drinking a lot and making your urine more dilute. Dilute urine conditions make the hormone hCG difficult to detect.

Therefore, you should use this pregnancy test in the morning after waking up. The condition of urine in the morning is still concentrated, so the results obtained can be more accurate.

Use the test pack according to the recommended method

Make sure you read carefully the instructions for using the test pack on the product packaging. This is because each type of test pack may have different recommendations for use.

There are three types of test packs commonly used to detect pregnancy, namely:

  • Test pack strip, which is a pregnancy detection tool in the form of a plastic strip. To use it, dip the strip into a container of urine for 5-10 seconds.
  • Pregnancy cassette test, which is a pregnancy test kit in the form of a stick that is used by dripping urine on the device. First, collect the urine in a clean container, then suck the urine using the pipette provided on the package. After that, drop the urine over the urine reservoir on the stick.
  • Digital test pack, this tool has a stick shape with a strip at the end that can be attached to absorb urine.How to use a digital test pack is the same as a test pack strip. The advantage is, the use of this test pack can be repeated by changing the strip inside.

After dipping or dripping urine on the test pack. You have to wait a while according to the time written on the product packaging. Generally, it takes up to 10 minutes to get accurate results.

Each test pack has a different result indicator, be it one or two lines, a (+) or (-) symbol, to the words “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant”. If there are no lines, marks, or any writing after the test, it means that there was an error when using the test pack and you need to retest.

Sometimes the test pack results can also show results in the form of faint lines. If this happens, you should also retest.

Please note, each type of test pack has a different sensitivity level to the hCG hormone. So, if the results of one type of test pack still make you doubt, it never hurts to try again with another type of test pack.

If you experience early symptoms or signs of pregnancy, but the test pack results are negative, you can retest 3-5 days later. You are also advised not to take drugs, smoke, and consume alcoholic beverages, until you can confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

If the results of the test pack show positive pregnancy, you can show the results to the doctor so that the pregnancy can be confirmed by ultrasound and you can also do other pregnancy tests such as blood tests.

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