The Benefits of Petroleum Jelly for Caring for Baby's Skin

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The Benefits of Petroleum Jelly for Caring for Baby's Skin
The Benefits of Petroleum Jelly for Caring for Baby's Skin

One of the most well-known benefits of petroleum jelly for the skin is its ability to moisturize the skin. In fact, there are actually more benefits of petroleum jelly in helping to nourish the skin and overcome skin disorders

In general, petroleum jelly or petrolatum has a clear white color from paraffin and has an oily texture. This product is often used as a topical medication to maintain skin moisture.

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Recognizing the Various Benefits of Petroleum Jelly for Skin

In addition to being useful for moisturizing the skin, petroleum jelly has various other benefits, such as:

1. Heals minor burns

A study shows that petroleum jelly is very effective in helping to moisturize and heal minor skin wounds, including sunburn, so it doesn't leave a lasting mark on the skin. Before applying petroleum jelly, first clean the skin area to be smeared.

2. Prevent diaper rash in babies

From other studies, it is known that applying petroleum jelly to areas of the baby's body that are prone to rubbing against diapers can help prevent diaper rash in babies.

3. Facilitates healing of chafed skin

Scratched skin will feel sore when touched or rubbed. Applying petroleum jelly on the blisters can reduce friction in the area, so it doesn't sting and heals faster.

4. Overcoming the recurrence of eczema

Petroleum jelly can be used to relieve complaints and recurrences of atopic eczema, by restoring skin moisture lost due to inflammation of the skin.

Things to Know when Using Petroleum Jelly

The benefits of petroleum jelly to maintain he althy skin will be more effective if used regularly, especially after bathing. Before applying petroleum jelly to the skin, wash your hands first, then follow the instructions for use on the product packaging.

Keep in mind that petroleum jelly should only be used on the outer body area. Be careful not to swallow petroleum jelly because it can be dangerous to he alth.

Not only that, excessive use of petroleum jelly can also cause skin irritation. If the ointment or cream accidentally gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with clean water for about 15 minutes.

Petroleum jelly is indeed useful for treating various skin disorders, but use it sparingly and according to the instructions on the product packaging. If you experience skin irritation or other complaints after using petroleum jelly, stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist.

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