Tips to reduce labor pain without injection

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Tips to reduce labor pain without injection
Tips to reduce labor pain without injection

Pain is commonly experienced by pregnant women who are about to give birth. To reduce labor pains that arise, there are several simple ways that can be done without having to use drugs, such as painkillers or anesthetics from the doctor

Labor pain felt by every pregnant woman is different. The pain generally arises because the uterine contractions are getting stronger to open the birth canal and expel the baby. Pain before delivery can be felt in the abdomen, back, and groin.

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Natural Ways to Reduce Labor Pain

There are natural ways that can be done to reduce labor pain. The method is also easy and you can apply yourself or ask for help from others. Here are the ways:

1. Give massage

Massage in the lower back area, soles of the feet, or the shoulders during contractions, can reduce pain during labor. Not only that, massage can also stimulate the production of endorphins which can reduce pain and make the body more relaxed.

Ask your partner for help to massage your body to reduce the pain that occurs during labor.

2. Give a warm compress on the body

You may feel restless, anxious and tense leading up to labor. However, this can actually make the pain worse. To overcome this, you can give a warm compress on the stomach or back area.

Warm temperatures can make tense muscles more relaxed, so it can relieve the pain that arises during childbirth. You can use a towel that has been soaked in warm water, then stick it for a few minutes on the body that feels pain.

3. Regulate breathing

This method can be used to relieve pain during contractions, as well as increase energy so that you are stronger in facing labor.

The way to do it is quite easy, namely by taking a deep breath through your nose when the contractions start to occur, then exhaling slowly through your mouth. Do this repeatedly until you feel more relaxed and the contractions start to subside.

4. Routine move

While waiting for labor to arrive, try to keep moving, for example by walking around the bed. In addition to reducing labor pain, this method can also speed up the opening and encourage the fetus to move into the birth canal.

Besides that, you can also try various other movements to reduce labor pain, such as:

  • Stand or lean on the bed or on your partner.
  • Move your hips to encourage the baby to move toward the birth canal.
  • Sitting on a chair or on a pregnant exercise ball.
  • Kneel on the mat with one foot raised and place both palms on the mat.
  • Take a sitting position if your back hurts
  • Avoid sleeping on your back because it can make contractions longer and painful.

5. Ask your husband or the closest person to accompany you

The presence of a companion during labor can make you calmer and safer. The delivery process will be easier and faster if you are accompanied by a companion who continues to provide support. You can ask for help from your husband, mother, or close relatives to accompany you during childbirth.

In addition to the methods above, you can also try other ways to reduce labor pains that arise, such as listening to music or doing meditation.

Although every birthing process will be painful, you don't need to be afraid or worried. You can try the various ways above to reduce labor pain that appears.

However, if the methods above don't work to reduce labor pain, don't hesitate to consult a gynecologist. Your doctor may be able to give you medicine or other tips to reduce the pain you are experiencing.

The thing you need to remember is don't just focus on the pain, but think about positive things, such as your meeting with your baby later. This step can be quite effective in calming and reducing the labor pain you are feeling.

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