5 Benefits of Fasting for He alth

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5 Benefits of Fasting for He alth
5 Benefits of Fasting for He alth

There are various benefits of fasting for he alth, ranging from losing weight, maintaining heart he alth, to maintaining mental he alth. One of them is because fasting can increase the body's metabolism. To find out more about the benefits of fasting, see this article

During this time, some people may think that fasting is a ritual that is carried out to fulfill religious or traditional demands. However, who would have thought, behind fasting there are many he alth benefits. In addition, fasting is also often done as a diet method called intermittent fasting.

5 He alth Benefits of Fasting - Alodokter

Body Changes During Fasting

When fasting, the body changes according to the length of time fasting. To absorb nutrients from food and drinks consumed, the body takes about 6-8 hours. This means, the body is able to fast if it is fed first.

Therefore, it is important to eat a nutritious meal before fasting from sunrise to sunset.

Under normal conditions, the body's main energy source is sugar obtained from carbohydrate metabolism or sugar stored in the liver and muscles. During fasting, this sugar intake will be used to produce energy that the body needs. In addition to sugar, fat tissue can also be processed into an energy source.

If these energy sources are still not enough, the body will burn muscle protein to produce energy. This last phase is called the starvation phase. However, this only happens if one fasts for days without breaking the fast.

Therefore, it is important to eat a nutritious sahur before fasting from sunrise to sunset. You should also pay attention to the adequacy of fluids to prevent dehydration or lack of fluids during fasting. Always drink water at iftar and suhoor.

In addition, you can also consume tea to help hydrate the body. One study states that if consumed in reasonable amounts, one type of tea, such as black tea, has a hydrating effect that is almost the same as plain water.

Various Benefits of Fasting for He alth

Here are the various he alth benefits of fasting that you can get:

1. Lose weight

The well-known benefits of fasting are to help lose weight. Not only that, fasting is also good for maintaining ideal body weight.

Research states that fasting can increase the body's metabolism, so that the burning of calories and fat in the body also increases. This can make you lose weight. That way, you will also avoid the risk of obesity.

2. Maintain heart he alth

Several research shows that people who regularly fast for about 1 month appear to have a lower risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, compared to people who do not fast.

This is thought to be because fasting people can regulate their diet more he althily. During fasting, some people will usually change their diet to be he althier, including by reducing high-fat foods. In addition, there are also those who may regularly consume tea. Tea is known to contain flavonoids which are good for he alth.

Consuming foods or drinks that contain flavonoids, such as tea is believed to prevent the increase in blood fat (cholesterol) levels, reduce the risk of diabetes, and help improve blood circulation.

3. Reducing the risk of developing diabetes

One of the other benefits of fasting is that it reduces the risk of diabetes. This is related to the effect of fasting which can stimulate the improvement of body metabolism and increase the performance of insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels.

Not only that, there is also research that says that fasting can help prevent insulin resistance and keep blood sugar levels stable. This can reduce the risk of developing diabetes in people who fast.

4. Reducing the risk of developing cancer

Animal studies show that fasting is beneficial for preventing the growth of cancer cells. The reason is, during fasting, the rate of cell division in the body, including cancer cells, will decrease due to limited nutritional intake.

In addition, a better metabolism is also thought to play a role in making cancer cells more difficult to grow in people who fast. However, the benefits of fasting on this one still need to be studied further.

Remember, to prevent cancer, you are also encouraged to live a he althy lifestyle, such as eating a balanced nutritious diet, getting enough rest, exercising regularly, reducing stress, and not smoking and staying away from alcoholic beverages.

5. Maintaining mental he alth

Not only is it good for physical he alth, fasting is also beneficial for mental he alth.

This is because fasting can help reduce levels of stress hormones or cortisol and stimulate good endorphins to relieve anxiety. This is thought to be related to the effects of fasting which can improve the body's metabolism.

Not only that, fasting will also make a person feel closer to the Creator. This can make feelings and inner atmosphere calmer, so that the mind will be clearer.

Understanding Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has a similar pattern to Monday-Thursday fasting. The similarity lies in the diet concept applied, namely the 5:2 diet concept or 5 days not fasting and 2 days fasting. The purpose of this fast is usually to lose weight.

When undergoing intermittent fasting, you need to limit your calorie intake by consuming only about 500–600 calories.

Fasting can indeed provide many benefits for body he alth. However, it should also be noted that fasting can be dangerous if you do it without eating sahur or when your body is not he althy.

Fasting is also generally not recommended for people who have certain diseases or medical conditions, such as kidney disease, liver damage, low blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes, eating disorders, and weak immune systems.

In addition, pregnant or lactating women and people who are undergoing certain medications, such as chemotherapy, are also not advised to fast.

Therefore, if you have certain conditions or diseases and want to fast, you should first consult a doctor. This is important to ensure that you can safely get the benefits of fasting.

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