Peek at Various Men's Sexual Fantasy

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Peek at Various Men's Sexual Fantasy
Peek at Various Men's Sexual Fantasy

When compared to women, men's sexual fantasies are usually more wild and mischievous. That is why, many men harbor sexual fantasies. In fact, if properly communicated to your partner, sex fantasies can revive sexual arousal, you know.

In men, sexual fantasies are triggered more by external stimuli, for example from what they see or watch. However, sometimes men's sexual fantasies can also be triggered by desires that arise from within themselves.

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Sexual fantasy is actually a normal thing and almost everyone has sex fantasies. However, this taboo view makes it difficult to discuss or communicate openly.

What Are Men's Sexual Fantasy

The following are the sexual fantasies that most often arise in men's minds:

1. Oral sex

Many men fantasize about receiving oral sex from their partners. This fantasy usually arises because of the desire to try new things in sexual relations other than vaginal penetration.

2. Sex with two women at once

Almost every man has a sexual fantasy of making love with two women at once, or even more. The reason is, it makes men feel manly or macho when there are a lot of women who want it.

3. Role play

As mentioned above, men's sexual arousal can be stimulated by what they see. No wonder one of the male sexual fantasies is playing a role. In this fantasy scenario, both parties have specific roles, from a naughty nurse and a patient, to a sexy secretary and her boss.

4. Become a dominant figure

Having total control during sexual intercourse is a fantasy that men often have. With this fantasy, men feel dominant and can control their partner. Not infrequently, this fantasy involves actions such as handcuffing, hitting, and ordering a partner.

5. Become a non-dominant figure

On the other hand, being the non-dominant is also a common fantasy for men. This fantasy can also be masochism. For some men, this kind of fantasy is quite enjoyable because it is contrary to the roles they live in on a daily basis. With this fantasy, men also feel that they are wanted by their partners.

6. Having sex in public

Imagining sexual intercourse in public while being watched by other people can trigger male sexual desire. However, the realization of this fantasy is dangerous because it has serious legal consequences.

7. Voyeurism

Some men also often fantasize about peeking at sexy women when they are changing clothes or even while having sex. This kind of action is known as voyeurism. However, just like having sex in public, voyeurism is also an unlawful act.

Telling about sexual fantasies to your partner can be a step to revive sexual desire to make it more passionate. However, you have to be careful how to convey it so as not to cause your partner to misunderstand.

You can also express your sexual fantasies to your partner indirectly, for example by asking their opinion about sex scenes in a movie you watch. This is a safe way to find out how your partner responds to your sexual fantasies.

Although realizing sexual fantasies can be a way to increase satisfaction during sex, you still have to consider the wishes and conditions of your partner. If he doesn't want to do it, you shouldn't force him. Don't let sexual fantasies ruin the harmony of your relationship.

If your sexual fantasies cause a very strong urge to act that is dangerous or violates laws and social norms, you should consult this matter with a psychiatrist or psychologist. Especially if the urge has caused feelings of restlessness or interferes with your activities.

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