Pay attention to this before choosing daycare for babies and children

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Pay attention to this before choosing daycare for babies and children
Pay attention to this before choosing daycare for babies and children

Daycare is often the choice of many parents when they do not have time to care for and take care of their children because they have to work or complete certain matters. However, before choosing daycare, parents need to pay attention to several things so that the chosen daycare is safe and good for children

Daycare is a place of part-time care and care for babies, toddlers and children. Some daycares can accept babies from 6 weeks of age to children who enter Kindergarten (TK).

Pay attention to this before choosing daycare for babies and children - Alodokter

Every parent must ensure that daycare is of good quality before leaving their child. When choosing daycare, it's important not to be simply tempted by the amenities provided, such as new toys or luxury items. Parents should continue to prioritize daycare with high standards of care and upbringing.

In this way, children are not only safe to be placed in the daycare, but also can get sufficient education and play time so that they can grow and develop properly.

Good Daycare Criteria to Leave a Baby or Child

In choosing the right daycare for your little one, there are several things that Mom and Dad need to pay attention to. The following are the criteria for ideal daycare for babies and children:

1. Official permission

A trusted Daycare of course must have a permit to manage it. This is important to ensure the safety of the children who are deposited there. When choosing daycare, don't hesitate to ask the manager about this.

2. Good reputation

A good Daycare has a comfortable place and a friendly nurturing environment. If you have time, stop by when picking up the child to ask other parents who have left their child there. Parents' impression of daycare is important in choosing a good daycare.

3. Qualified and responsible caregiver

Make sure the daycare has a sufficient number of caregivers to care for and look after the children. It is better if the caregiver has the appropriate experience and educational background. Also consider how long they have worked there.

Not only that, make sure that one caregiver doesn't take care of too many babies and children so that your little one can always be well-maintained and monitored while they are in daycare.

Ideally, a daycare caregiver will take care of 3-4 babies or toddlers aged 1-2 years. Meanwhile, for children aged 2–3 years, one caregiver can take care of 4–6 children.

For children who are older or over 3–4 years old, a daycare caregiver can look after and care for about 6–10 children.

Caregivers must be able to interact with children, be responsible, enthusiastic, and alert in various situations. Good caregivers also ideally have a caring, caring, patient, and friendly nature to children. This is important so that the children who are entrusted there can learn, interact, and be well cared for.

4. Flexible rules and clear protocol

It is important that daycare is flexible in terms of picking up and dropping off children, so that it can be adapted to the activities and needs of Mom and Dad.

A good daycare must also have clear protocols for things that are important or emergency, starting from how to confirm when the child has to be picked up by someone else to how to handle emergencies, for example when the child is sick or has an injury at daycare.

5. Structured and regular schedule

Daycare should have a structured and regular schedule for various children's activities, such as physical activity, rest time, eating, and playing.

Also make sure daycare has limits and rules when it comes to time to watch TV and videos. In addition, the spectacle given should also be educative and age-appropriate.

6. Pay attention to cleanliness

A good Daycare of course has a strict policy on hygiene. Mom and Dad can pay attention to the available facilities to assess the level of cleanliness of a daycare.

This can be seen from the floor, walls, kitchen, and toilet of the daycare. Also pay attention to whether the caregivers who work with the children wash their hands regularly when changing diapers.

In addition, daycare should also have plenty of space for various children's activities that are equipped with adequate ventilation and an outdoor play area to train children's physical, mental, and social activities.

7. Available food menu

Ask the daycare about the baby and child food menu that will be served, including if Mom and Dad bring your little one food from home. Don't forget to tell the daycare manager if your little one has allergies, or if there are certain types of food that your little one can or can't eat.

8. Safe environment

In addition to the condition of the facilities and the quality of the caregivers, Mother and Father also need to pay attention to the safety factor of the daycare environment. Make sure the daycare is safe and closely guarded by reliable security guards.

To be sure, Mom and Dad can also see if the daycare is equipped with CCTV or cameras that monitor activities and security in the daycare environment.

It is not easy to find and get the ideal daycare. If Mom and Dad have found the expected daycare and your little one has started to join the daycare, continue to pay attention to the condition of the little one and see if he is suitable to be deposited in the daycare.

If your little one doesn't seem happy spending time in daycare, it's better if Mom and Dad immediately look for another daycare or try another parenting system that is better and more appropriate, for example calling the services of a baby sitter.

If your little one has certain medical conditions, mom and dad should first consult with a pediatrician before deciding to leave your little one in daycare. Doctors can give advice on things that need attention, even provide recommendations for appropriate daycare if your little one has special needs.

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