Mother, Come on, Stimulate Baby's Hearing in this Way

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Mother, Come on, Stimulate Baby's Hearing in this Way
Mother, Come on, Stimulate Baby's Hearing in this Way

Stimulating the baby's hearing can be done since the little one is still in the womb, namely by asking him to talk or play music. Well, after your little one is born, there are various ways you can do to stimulate his hearing function

Newborns can hear quite well, although not yet perfect. This is because at birth, the baby's middle ear is still filled with fluid and it may take several days for the ear to completely clear the fluid.

Mother, Come on, Stimulate Baby's Hearing in this Way - Alodokter

In addition, the function of the baby's ear is still not fully developed so it has not worked optimally and can only respond to high-pitched sounds. It can take until a baby is 6 months old before he is able to hear and understand various sounds perfectly.

Therefore, Mother needs to provide stimulation or stimulation to help the Little One's sense of hearing function optimally.

How to Stimulate Baby's Hearing

The following is a way to stimulate baby's hearing so that their hearing function can develop properly:

1. Talk to baby since he is still in the womb

As previously explained, babies already have the ability to hear since in the womb, which is when they reach 16 weeks of gestation. In the womb, babies can hear various sounds, such as the beating of the heart and the sound of the digestive tract moving.

At 24 weeks, babies begin to hear sounds from outside the womb. At this stage, you can invite your little one to talk to stimulate their listening ability. Usually, babies will respond by changing the position of their head when they hear a familiar sound.

2. Get used to talking and communicating with the baby after he was born

After birth and when he is around 3 months old, the part of the baby's brain that controls hearing function will develop rapidly and become more active. He has even started to make sounds by babbling.

At this time, invite your little one to talk as often as possible to encourage him to hear better and make more sounds. When talking to your little one, your mouth will be the center of his attention and he will try to imitate what you say.

When he is 4 months old, babies can respond to sounds they like by smiling.

3. Play the sound of music and songs

Babies will love to hear various sounds, including songs or music. Not only the sound of songs or music, your little one may even like other sounds, for example the sound of a pot lid or the sound of a water faucet.

Mom can stimulate her hearing by showing a variety of different sounds. Mothers can also give them toys that make a variety of sounds and music that makes them happy. As your little one gets older, you can tell which sounds he likes or doesn't like.

However, try not to play music or play other sounds too loudly because it is not good for their hearing function.

4. Read a story book or fairy tale

To stimulate the baby's hearing, reading a book or telling a story can also be an option, even though he doesn't understand what the story is about. Babies will love their mother's voice, whether reading a book or singing a song, because this voice has been very familiar to him since the womb.

So, don't hesitate to invite your little one to talk and respond to his babble, yes, Mother. Many benefits can be obtained, including stimulating his hearing and training him to pronounce words.

The more sounds and words your little one hears, the more things he can understand when he can speak.

However, if your little one is 3-6 months old but he still doesn't respond to various sound stimuli, it's best if you take your little one to the pediatrician for an examination of his ears and hearing function.

If your little one is diagnosed with hearing problems, the doctor can provide treatment with speech therapy or suggest the use of hearing aids so that your little one can hear sounds and learn to speak.

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