Pay attention to the correct AC temperature settings for babies

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Pay attention to the correct AC temperature settings for babies
Pay attention to the correct AC temperature settings for babies

If you use AC at home, it is important to know the right AC temperature for your baby. This is because the baby's body has not been able to regulate its temperature properly, so it is susceptible to cold or heat. This condition can have an impact on the he alth of the Little One

Babies have thin and sensitive skin. This makes him prone to skin rashes, prickly heat, and dehydration when he is in hot temperatures.

Pay attention to the correct AC temperature setting for babies - Alodokter

One way to make the room temperature cool is to use an air conditioner or air conditioner. However, the temperature of the air conditioner for the baby must also be adjusted properly so that the baby does not get cold and end up getting sick or experiencing hypothermia.

Recommended AC Temperature for Babies

The recommended AC temperature for babies is around 23–25o Celsius. In this temperature, you still need to wear your little one in cotton clothes and cover him with a thin blanket that is comfortable and can absorb sweat.

For newborns who are swaddled or wearing a long nightgown (sleepsuit), Mother can adjust the AC temperature to 18–20o Celsius.

Mother can also use the timer feature so that the air conditioner can turn on or turn off automatically at certain hours.

If the air conditioner that you are using is not equipped with a temperature display, use a room thermometer to find out if the room temperature is in accordance with the ideal temperature of the air conditioner for babies.

Benefits of Cool AC Temperature for Babies

In addition to making the baby sleep better because the room feels cool, setting the right AC temperature can also prevent the baby from experiencing he alth problems, such as dehydration, prickly heat, and heat stroke.

Not only that, keeping the room temperature cool makes the baby less anxious and more comfortable when he sleeps. This can reduce the baby's risk of developing SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome.

When in a room cooled by air conditioning, your little one also needs to be given breast milk or formula so that their fluid needs are fulfilled and avoid dehydration.

Things to Pay Attention to When Using Air Conditioning for Babies

When using the air conditioner in the baby's room, you are advised to follow some of the tips below:

  • Clean the air conditioner regularly.
  • Make sure the room has good ventilation so that air circulation is maintained.
  • Apply a special baby moisturizer on your little one's skin while in an air-conditioned room to prevent dry skin.
  • If you use a fan to cool the room, avoid directing it at the baby.
  • Use an air purifier or humidifier to keep the air quality clean and free of dust.
  • Avoid smoking in the nursery or in the house.

Although babies are advised to be in a cool room, that doesn't mean they have to be in an air-conditioned room all the time. Every now and then, take your little one outside in the morning to get some sunshine and fresh air.

In addition to setting the right AC temperature for your baby, one more thing that you need to remember when using the air conditioner in your little one's room is to clean the air conditioner filter regularly. If your little one often experiences allergy symptoms when in an air-conditioned room, don't hesitate to check with your pediatrician.

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