Beware of the Risk of Fungal Infection Behind Nail Treatment

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Beware of the Risk of Fungal Infection Behind Nail Treatment
Beware of the Risk of Fungal Infection Behind Nail Treatment

Not only women, now men are also increasingly aware of nail care. Various nail treatments are carried out to enhance their appearance. It's just that, if you're not careful, there's a risk lurking behind it,

Thanks to advances in technology, nail care that used to only be done in salons or nail beauty outlets, can now be done at home. On the other hand, this can create new problems that need to be looked at. Nail care products and tools run the risk of damaging your nails and even getting infected with fungus, if you don't keep them clean.

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Things That Can Cause Yeast Infection

Not only equipment at home, but also the equipment used to perform nail care at the salon. Because, if not kept clean, tools such as nail clippers or other tools can spread fungal infections to anyone who uses them.

Fungal infection of the nails (onychomycosis) can occur in toenails or fingernails. Various factors that allow the occurrence of these fungi, among others:

  • Using nail beauty products that contain excessive chemicals.
  • There is an injury to the nail and or wound to the skin in the surrounding area.
  • Lack of keeping nails clean.
  • Immunity is low.
  • Wearing covered clothes such as socks, gloves, covered and damp clothes for a long time.
  • Swim in the public pool
  • Suffering from diabetes.
  • Seniors or over 65 years old.
  • Has certain diseases that interfere with blood circulation.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Actually there are no certain symptoms when you have a fungal nail infection. Only in some cases, people with nail fungus infection feel pain or pain.

Pain can occur when the nails become thicker, so it hurts when wearing shoes. In addition, thickening of the nails can also cause difficulty standing, walking or doing activities that involve movement of the feet or hands.

Other symptoms include tingling, a stabbing feeling, or something crawling on the skin, even though nothing seems bothersome. This is called paresthesias, occurs due to irritation or disturbance of the nerves.

Another complaint if there is a fungal infection of the nails, namely the nails and fingertips become brittle and damaged, especially if the fungal infection is severe. Social problems can also occur, for example, withdrawing from society because they feel ashamed, to feel insecure.

How to Overcome Nail Fungal Infection

If the nail is already infected with fungus, it is recommended to be treated immediately. There are several ways to treat nails that have been affected by fungus.

First, take antifungal medication that helps to grow new nails that are free of fungus, so that the old infected nails are slowly replaced.

In addition, you can also use nail polish or antifungal topical solution containing lactic acid, propylene glycol and urea. You do this by applying the nail polish to the infected nail, including the skin around it. There is also a special lotion that contains urea to treat nail fungus, especially if the nails are thin.

You can also use an antifungal nail cream. Soak the nail first, then apply the cream on the infected nail. The cream can overcome the fungus that is on the surface of the nail, to the fungus that is on the bottom layer.

Other medical measures that may be needed to treat fungal nail infections by a doctor such as:

  • Surgery to remove nails that are damaged by fungus, so that new he althy nails will grow later. This method is done if the infection is severe and feels very sick.
  • Laser therapy with a combination of nail cream. However, this method is still rarely available and still requires further research.

In addition to the above treatment measures, you can eat foods that contain calcium, protein and iron to support the healing process

Tips for Keeping Nails He althy

Pay attention to these things if you want to keep your nails he althy without getting nail fungus:

  • Cut your nails regularly. Take care that the nails are not too long.
  • Don't be lazy to wash your hands to keep your nails clean. After that, dry it properly. Avoid staying in damp conditions for a long time, especially when using artificial nails.
  • When doing nail care at the salon, make sure the nail care tools are really clean. Make sure the beauty products you use have not expired when you use them.
  • If necessary, bring your own nail care equipment when you go to the salon, to ensure cleanliness. Make sure the nail beauty products are stored properly, not exposed to direct sunlight, not damp, the packaging is not damaged.
  • Avoid using artificial nails when you have a fungal nail infection, because it can make the condition worse.
  • Always use shoes or footwear when in public places such as swimming pools and other places. However, you should avoid using shoes that have not been used for a long time.

Making nails as a beautiful part of the body is indeed important to support appearance. However, taking care of his he alth, is much more important. Therefore, keep taking care of your nails for reasons of he alth, not just beauty, so that your nails are free from fungal infections.

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