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Pregnancy Glow: What's Really Happening?

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Pregnancy Glow: What's Really Happening?
Pregnancy Glow: What's Really Happening?

Pregnancy doesn't always cause bothersome symptoms. There are times when pregnancy actually brings something fun, for example pregnancy glow. When experiencing pregnancy glow, pregnant women's skin will look more beautiful, bright, and shiny

When pregnant, women will experience many changes in their bodies, ranging from increased blood volume to changes in hormone levels. These changes can cause pregnant women to experience several complaints, such as constipation, nausea, and even blackened skin.

Pregnancy Glow: What's Really Happening? - Alodokter

Even so, these changes during pregnancy don't always bring things that bother you, you know. During pregnancy, pregnant women's skin may look more shiny, bright, and rosy. This phenomenon is known as pregnancy glow.

There are various myths that say that these skin changes are related to the sex of the fetus, but these myths are not proven true.

Things About Pregnancy Glow

Pregnancy glow is a term to describe skin that looks brighter and shiny during pregnancy. Changes in the skin of pregnant women usually occur when pregnancy enters the second trimester, but there are also pregnant women who feel it throughout pregnancy.

The cause of pregnancy glow is not known for certain. However, research so far shows that pregnancy glow is caused by changes in hormone levels in the body of pregnant women.

The increase in pregnancy hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, is known to make the skin glands produce more oil or sebum. As a result, the skin will look more shiny and radiant.

In addition, throughout pregnancy, the amount of blood in the pregnant woman's body will increase by up to 50 percent. This increase in blood flow and circulation is also known to make pregnant women's skin look brighter and more rosy.

Pregnancy Glow and Skin Care

Unfortunately, pregnancy glow doesn't last forever. This unique phenomenon in pregnant women usually disappears after giving birth. In fact, some pregnant women stop feeling the effects of pregnancy glow even though they are still pregnant.

Even so, pregnant women don't need to be sad. So that the skin is always beautiful even though the pregnancy glow period has passed, there are several ways to take care of the skin during pregnancy that pregnant women can do, including:

1. Use a moisturizer

Pregnant skin may become dry more easily during pregnancy. Therefore, doctors usually advise pregnant women to regularly use moisturizers. However, pregnant women should not carelessly choose moisturizing products.

To be safer to use, pregnant women are advised to choose a moisturizer that is made from gentle chemicals, does not contain fragrance, and does not contain oil or is labeled 'non-comedogenic'.

2. Apply sunscreen regularly

If pregnant women want to go outside, make it a habit to always apply sunscreen 30 minutes beforehand. The goal is to prevent pregnant women from the various dangers of UV rays.

In order to provide maximum protection, choose a sunscreen product that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide because it can provide protection against all types of ultraviolet rays in the sun. Also make sure the product you choose has an SPF of 30 or more.

3. Do not carelessly use acne medication

Oily skin can make pregnant women prone to acne. However, to overcome this, pregnant women are not advised to use any drugs.

When pregnant, avoid using acne medications that contain tretinoin and retinol because they have the potential to cause interference or defects in the fetus. Pregnant women are also advised to limit the use of skin care products that contain high doses of salicylic acid.

If pregnant women have acne, try to clean your face 2 times a day with warm water and mild chemical soap that does not cause irritation. If you want to treat acne using drugs, pregnant women should consult a doctor first to get acne medications that are safe to use during pregnancy.

4. Use facial cleanser (cleanser)

Increased oil production on the skin can indeed make the skin look shiny and glowing.However, on the other hand, this also has the potential to trigger the growth of acne. To prevent this, pregnant women can use a facial cleanser or cleanser that is free of oil, fragrance, and alcohol to clean and reduce oil levels on the face.

In addition to implementing the above efforts, keeping the skin looking radiant and flushed should also be accompanied by a he althy lifestyle, such as consuming a balanced nutritious diet, exercising regularly, getting enough rest, drinking lots of water, avoiding stress, and staying away from cigarettes. nor alcohol.

Also do regular pregnancy check-ups to the obstetrician. When undergoing an examination, pregnant women can seek advice from doctors regarding how to take care of their skin during pregnancy and how to maintain the he alth of pregnant women and their little ones in the womb.

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