Facts Behind the Benefits of Vibrators for Women

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Facts Behind the Benefits of Vibrators for Women
Facts Behind the Benefits of Vibrators for Women

For most women, talking about things that smell sex, including the use of a vibrator, is not a common thing. In fact, the benefits behind this tool are very diverse, ranging from improving the quality of relationships with partners to increasing sexual satisfaction

Vibrator is a sex aid that can vibrate and is usually shaped like a penis. These devices are generally powered by batteries or a power cord. Despite the fact that using a vibrator during sex can bring many benefits, there are still many women who are afraid or uncomfortable using this tool.

Facts Behind the Benefits of Vibrators for Women - Alodokter

Therefore, so that you no longer hesitate to use a vibrator, take a look at the various benefits of a vibrator for women below.

Various Benefits of Vibrators for Women

The use of a vibrator can make the sex life of women and their partners more exciting and colorful. Vibrators are also known to provide various benefits, namely:

1. Make sex feel more erotic

When sex life starts to get monotonous and feels boring, it's time to try new things with your partner. You can consider giving sensual massage, oral sex, including using a vibrator to make the atmosphere more interesting than before.

Having a quality sexual relationship is not only fun, but also beneficial for the he alth condition of you and your partner.

2. Help achieve orgasm

In most women, orgasm can not be achieved only by penetration of the penis. So do not be surprised if achieving female orgasm is not easy and requires more effort. Plus, women generally take longer to reach their climax.

One way that can help women reach orgasm is to do foreplay using a vibrator. Using the sex toy when 'warming up' will increase blood flow in the vagina, so that orgasm is easier to achieve.

3. Dealing with sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction experienced by women can be caused by various things, ranging from stress, fatigue, to certain diseases that cause a woman's libido to decrease. Because it can interfere with the quality of sexual relations between women and their partners, this condition needs to be handled properly.

One of the initial treatments that can be done to treat sexual dysfunction in women is to use a vibrator during sex.Research shows that the use of sex aids, including vibrators, can increase sexual arousal and make it easier to achieve orgasm in some women.

4. Treats vaginismus and dyspareunia

Vaginismus is a condition in which the muscles around the vagina tighten on their own during sexual intercourse. When this happens, sex can be painful. Painful sex for women is called dyspareunia.

To deal with the two sexual problems above, the use of a vibrator for women can be tried. However, how effective the use of vibrators is to help overcome sexual problems in women still needs to be further investigated.

If you often feel pain during sexual intercourse, then you should immediately consult a doctor for this condition.

5. Rejuvenating vagina

Decreased levels of the hormone estrogen as women get older can cause various disorders, including vaginal dryness. This can make sex painful for women.

To handle it, one way that can be applied is to use a vibrator. The use of a vibrator can improve vaginal elasticity and trigger an increase in the production of the vaginal lubricating fluid.

Apart from the benefits of the vibrator above, you need to pay attention to the cleanliness of this tool before and after using it. Wash the vibrator regularly using warm water and soap, and do not share the vibrator with other people.

Using a vibrator that is not kept clean or sharing with other people will increase the risk of being infected with harmful germs and viruses. This can lead to sexually transmitted diseases.

If sexual satisfaction does not increase after using a vibrator or you are still having difficulty dealing with some of the sexual problems you are experiencing, then you should consult a doctor about this complaint.

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