You Can Have Children Anytime by Freezing Eggs

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You Can Have Children Anytime by Freezing Eggs
You Can Have Children Anytime by Freezing Eggs

Some women may worry that they are getting more and more difficult to get pregnant with age. Although not very popular, egg freezing can be done to increase the chances of getting pregnant later in life

As you get older, the quality of a woman's egg will decrease. This puts older women at risk of giving birth to babies who have he alth problems, such as genetic disorders or birth defects.

You Can Have Children Anytime by Freezing Eggs - Alodokter
You Can Have Children Anytime by Freezing Eggs - Alodokter

Not only that, the older a woman gets, her chances of getting pregnant naturally will also decrease. Therefore, young women who do not plan to have children to get pregnant can carry out the egg freezing process so that they can still get pregnant he althily in the future.

A Glance About the Freezing Process of Eggs

Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, is a procedure for taking a woman's eggs from the uterus, which will then be frozen and stored in the laboratory.

When a woman plans to get pregnant later, the egg can be thawed again and fertilized and then implanted in the woman's uterus.

The reason most women choose to undergo an egg freezing procedure stems from concerns about various factors that can affect their fertility, whether due to age or certain he alth problems.

By freezing and storing their eggs, women have a greater chance of getting pregnant later in life.

Egg Freezing Procedure to Increase the Chances of Pregnancy

The chance of getting pregnant for women who freeze their eggs is about 30–60 percent. However, this depends on the quality of the egg and the age of the woman when she underwent the egg freezing procedure. In general, the egg freezing procedure is best done when a woman is in her early 20s to early 30s.

The process of freezing eggs is not short. In preparation for freezing the eggs, the doctor will examine the woman's general he alth condition and measure the function of her ovaries. If the condition is he althy, the doctor will inject special hormones to stimulate the ovaries and mature eggs.

After the mature egg is released from the ovary, the doctor will take the egg with a special syringe that is inserted through the vagina. During this procedure, the woman will be given an anesthetic.

The eggs that have been successfully collected will then be cooled to a temperature below 0° Celsius and stored in the laboratory.

The latest technique in freezing eggs, namely ultra rapid cooling, is considered to be able to minimize the effects of damage to eggs. This technique can use fewer eggs with a greater chance of getting pregnant.

Freezing Eggs Extends Women's Fertile Period

Unlike men, women's fertile period is very limited. Women's fertility will begin to decline in their 30s. At this age range, the risk of miscarriage and congenital abnormalities in the baby will increase.

Freezing eggs can be considered as a way of prolonging a woman's fertile period as the eggs of a woman in the range of childbearing age are taken and stored for future use.

Apart from the influence of fertility rates that decrease with age, egg freezing can also be done as an alternative to have children for couples who don't want to do IVF.

Freezing Eggs Helps Cancer Patients

For women with cancer, the egg freezing method can be a solution to increase the chances of getting pregnant in the future. This is because cancer treatments, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery, generally interfere with the function of the reproductive organs and the level of female fertility.

In addition, cancer treatment also carries the risk of interfering with the production of egg cells in the ovaries and damaging the uterine wall. In fact, in the treatment of uterine cancer, it is possible to perform surgical removal of the uterus.

Several hospitals in Indonesia have provided egg freezing facilities. If you intend to plan a pregnancy in the future, this procedure may be an option.

It's just that you need to know that apart from requiring mental readiness, planning a pregnancy with egg freezing also requires a large amount of money. Therefore, you need to discuss with your partner and obstetrician before deciding to freeze eggs.

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