Magic Tissue, Know its Safety and How to Use It Correctly

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Magic Tissue, Know its Safety and How to Use It Correctly
Magic Tissue, Know its Safety and How to Use It Correctly

Magic tissue is believed to be able to overcome premature ejaculation problems experienced by men. A tissue that is applied to the penis just before having sex is intended to make an erection last longer. However, what are the contents of magic wipes and how are they effective and safe?

Magic tissue or benzocaine tissue is a wet tissue that is believed to be useful for preventing premature ejaculation in men. This product works by reducing the sensitivity of the penis, so the user does not feel the sensation of penetration during sex and delays the ejaculation process.

Magic Tissue, Know its Safety and How to Use It Properly - Alodokter

What are the Ingredients in Magic Tissue?

There are several contents in magic wipes, including:

  • Ethyl alcohol or ethanol
  • Polyethylene oxide
  • Benzalkonium chloride
  • Perfume

Not only that, some types of magic wipes also contain natural ingredients in the form of aloe vera extract which is commonly used to soften the skin or other additives, such as triclosan and cocamidopropyl betaine.

Although each magic tissue product has a different content, the function remains the same, which is to make sex last longer.

How to Use Magic Tissue?

Most magic wipes are only intended for the head of the penis. This is because the head of the penis has the most nerves, so the content in magic tissue can significantly reduce the sensation of sexual intercourse.

However, you can use it for all parts of the penis, from the head to the shaft of the penis, so that the numbness sensation in the penis can last a long time. Wipe magic tissue all over the penis about 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse.

After that, let the liquid from the tissue dry. When going to penetrate, wash the penis that has been wiped with magic tissue with warm water first.

Are Magic Tissue Safe to Use?

There is no guarantee that it is safe to use magic wipes. As with other products or drugs, various substances contained in magic wipes can also cause side effects, including allergies, skin irritation, to erectile dysfunction.

The following are some of the contents of magic wipes that can cause side effects:

1. Triclosan

One of the substances that can cause side effects is triclosan. Several studies have found that triclosan can make the skin more susceptible to damage due to allergies and irritation.

2. Benzalkonium chloride

The main content of magic wipes, namely benzalkonium chloride, also has the potential to cause side effects. Possible side effects include rash, peeling skin, swelling, and severe skin irritation.

3. Ethyl alcohol

In addition to triclosan and benzalkonium chloride, alcohol as a substance that is quite a lot contained in magic wipes can also cause skin problems. Substances that are often used in wound care products can cause complaints in the form of a stinging and stinging feeling on the skin.

4. Perfume

The next substance that can cause side effects is perfume. The bad news, perfume side effects can occur not only when the substance is absorbed by the skin, but also when you inhale the aroma. Perfume is also known to be one of the main causes of contact dermatitis.

It is not known for certain whether the dosage of the substances contained in magic wipes is safe for he alth. Therefore, you should first consult with a doctor before using magic wipes.

How Effective is Magic Tissue in Overcoming Premature Ejaculation?

A study showed that using magic wipes containing 4% benzocaine can reduce symptoms of premature ejaculation and increase sexual satisfaction. However, further research is still needed to ensure the effectiveness of magic wipes in preventing or treating premature ejaculation.

You don't have to rely on magic wipes, there are some of the best ways to improve your sexual performance, namely by exercising regularly, not smoking, reducing stress, doing Kegel exercises, and eating a balanced nutritious diet.

If you have problems in sex, don't hesitate to consult a doctor. The doctor will provide the right treatment and according to your he alth condition.

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