8 Steps to a He althy Lifestyle

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8 Steps to a He althy Lifestyle
8 Steps to a He althy Lifestyle

A he althy lifestyle is important to implement, because it can not only protect oneself from various diseases, but is also good for mental he alth. What things are included in a he althy lifestyle? Let's find out the answer in the following article

A person's lifestyle is generally influenced by habits or lifestyle and daily activities. A hectic routine can affect eating patterns, sleep time, and can cause stress.

8 Steps to a He althy Lifestyle - Alodokter

Over time, this habit can have an impact on the immune system and trigger various he alth problems. Therefore, it is important to apply a he althy lifestyle every day so that the body's he alth is maintained.

Apply This He althy Lifestyle

What is a he althy lifestyle? Here are eight steps that you can apply in living a he althy lifestyle:

1. Know your current he alth condition

Know your current he alth condition, from your medical history, allergies, to chronic illnesses. Therefore, do regular check-ups with the doctor to find out the overall condition of your body and detect the possibility of an illness early on.

2. Do physical activity

Review your daily routine. Is your activity only dominated by sitting and typing on the computer all day? If so, it means that you are less active.

In fact, experts recommend everyone to exercise for a total duration of at least 150 minutes every week to tone muscles. Therefore, take time to exercise.

You can choose activities that are fun and of course he althy. It doesn't have to be strenuous, light exercise such as walking, cycling, or going up and down stairs can also be done in between your busy schedules.

3. Record the food consumed

If you have weight problems or unhe althy eating habits, you can record the food you eat every day. This note is useful for controlling food intake and as a reminder, so you can reduce consumption to maintain a he althier body.

You are advised to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, at least 4 servings of fruits and 5 servings of vegetables in a day as part of a he althy lifestyle.

4. Pay attention to social life

Reconsider your relationship with your spouse, family, co-workers, or boss. Indirectly, your interactions with the people around you can have an impact on your mental he alth and of course your body.

The social environment can be a place for you to exchange ideas, complain, find solutions, and express opinions. Therefore, take the time to simply mingle with those closest to you.

5. Stop bad habits

An unhe althy lifestyle, such as smoking, can have a negative impact on he alth. There are various diseases that can arise as a result of this bad habit, such as heart and lung disease, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), to cancer.

If you are a smoker, there are various ways you can reduce the risk of smoking, from psychotherapy to quit smoking to the use of alternative tobacco products, such as heated tobacco products, nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, and candy nicotine gum.

The use of alternative tobacco products is considered to have a lower risk when compared to cigarettes. However, these products are not completely risk free.

These products are also intended only for smokers and not for non-smokers, especially minors.

6. Consumption of he althy food and adequate fluid needs

Consume he althy foods, such as vegetables and fruit regularly, to meet the body's nutritional needs. You can start processing your own food as an effort to maintain the cleanliness and he alth of the food you eat.

In addition, you are also advised to meet your daily fluid needs, by drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. Fulfillment of body fluids can maintain the function of all organs and prevent various diseases, such as dehydration and constipation.

7. Manage stress

Stress is a hard thing to avoid. However, you can learn to manage it by taking time to relax, whether it's a hobby or meditation. Being grateful for the things that you have achieved and have can also make the soul calmer.

8. Take a break

Sufficient rest is the key to realizing a he althy body and mind. Try to sleep at least 7–8 hours every night and wake up at the same time.

A warm bath, reading a book, or listening to music can be activities before bed that help the body to rest.

Living a he althy lifestyle is not easy. One of the most difficult things to do is to maintain these he althy habits. The desire to start a he althy lifestyle may decrease when the intention is not strong enough.

Therefore, it takes discipline and a strong commitment to live it. The support of the closest people can also help you to continue living this he althy lifestyle.

Making a he althy lifestyle a part of everyday life can bring many benefits to your he alth. As a first step, you can consult a doctor to arrange a he althy food menu that suits your needs and he alth conditions.

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