This Men's Sensitive Area That Makes It Easy To Get Aroused

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This Men's Sensitive Area That Makes It Easy To Get Aroused
This Men's Sensitive Area That Makes It Easy To Get Aroused

It's not just women who have excitatory points, in fact men also have sensitive body parts. When this part of the body is touched, men will be more easily excited. One of the male stimulation points is the neck

Everyone can have more than one sensitive body part that makes him aroused. However, these body parts may differ from one another. In men, there are several areas of the body that can be a point of stimulation.

These Men's Sensitive Areas That Make It Easy To Get Aroused - Alodokter

Recognizing Some Male Stimulus Points

There are various sensitive body parts that men are passionate about. It may take some time to explore the sensitive parts of your partner.

Here are some sensitive areas of men that can be used to stimulate men:

1. Neck

The neck is a point of stimulation that is not only owned by women. Men can also feel aroused if you gently touch, kiss, or sniff the nape of their neck. Therefore, try to give a gentle kiss on the lips, then proceed to the front and sides of the neck.

2. Ear

Creating a more intimate relationship you can do by tucking your partner's hair into the back of his ear. Continue stimulation with a gentle touch of your fingers on the ear. Then you can whisper romantic words that are "naughty" or seduce, while kissing or gently biting his earlobe.

3. Nipple

Just like women, nipples are also a point of stimulation for men. However, a study revealed, not all men like nipple stimulation. Although most of them also admit that they can feel aroused and excited when their partner touches their nipples.

4. Testicles (testes)

The testicles or testes are part of the male reproductive system which is also included in the sensitive area in men. If you want to stimulate your partner, try to touch his testicles and occasionally do a relaxing massage or oral sex on the area, until he is excited to have sex.

5. Penis head

For most men, the head of the penis is the most sensitive part, especially when compared to the neck, nipples, and testes. How to stimulate it is quite easy, you can touch it gently, slowly.Then, you can perform fellatio or penis stimulation using your mouth (oral sex), by licking or sucking the head of the penis.

From the various sensitive areas of men above, there is still the possibility of other body parts that are sensitive to stimulation. You and your partner can explore the male arousal point further to be more passionate during sex.

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