The Importance of Sleep for Baby and Child Development

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The Importance of Sleep for Baby and Child Development
The Importance of Sleep for Baby and Child Development

Babies, toddlers, toddlers, children, and teenagers need more sleep than adults. This is necessary to support their mental and physical development

In the world of infants and children, sleep is as important an activity as eating, drinking, feeling safe, or playing. Your little one needs sleep so that his body is rested, refreshed and gets new energy. According to researchers in America, during sleep, our brain filters and stores information, replaces chemicals, and solves problems.

The Importance of Sleep for Baby and Child Development - Alodokter

Sleep Time Required

Babies or children need not only good and quality sleep, but also how long they sleep. The quantity or amount of time a baby or child sleeps also varies, depending on how old they are, namely:

  • Babies (Newborn) aged 0-3 months are advised to sleep 14-17 hours per day.
  • Infant aged 4-11 months are advised to sleep 12-15 hours per day.
  • Toddlers aged 1-2 years are advised to sleep 11-14 hours per day.
  • Toddlers 3-5 years are advised to sleep 10-13 hours per day.

If Baby or Child Lacks Sleep

If the baby is sleep deprived, the impact is not only crying. Studies in Israel show that sleep deprived 1-year-olds are expected to have shorter concentration spans, forgetfulness, and behavioral problems once they are 3 and 4 years old.Sleeping with a little time is also believed to affect the growth and immune system, thus making the little one susceptible to illness.

The results of a study in the field of child psychiatry in America on 9000 preschool-aged children believe that getting less than 9 hours of sleep per night makes them more likely to exhibit impulsiveness, anger, and tantrums (emotional outbursts or frustration accompanied by fear). or anxiety), than those who get enough sleep at night.

Sufficient sleep also plays an important role in children's cognitive development, namely the ability to think and understand, process information, learn language, and so on. In school-age children, lack of sleep can make them less concentrated in studying, be naughty, get bad grades, depression, to hyperactivity.

Quality and Quantity Sleep

So that your little one can sleep soundly, soundly, and according to the recommended time, Mother can practice several effective ways as follows:

  • Many doctors believe that 18:30 and 19:00 are the right time to start putting babies under 1 to sleep.
  • Bath with warm water coupled with gentle caressing affectionately can make the baby calm, relaxed, and relaxed.
  • Choose clothes made of natural fibers, such as cotton, to avoid irritating your little one's skin and making your little one wake up often.
  • Put your little one to sleep in a dimly lit room.
  • Massage your little one for 15 minutes so he falls asleep faster.
  • When in the womb, the little one is wrapped in amniotic fluid. Swaddling gives him the same sensation and helps him sleep better.
  • Give breast milk before your little one wakes up from sleep. If your little one sleeps before you, don't forget to give him breast milk when you go to sleep. This method is believed to make your little one sleep longer.
  • Lavender essential oil is known to relax and relax anyone who inhales it. However, for children under 6 months of age or those with sensitive skin and nose, it is enough to get a soothing fragrance from the detergent when washing their bedding.
  • Put your hands on your little one's stomach, arms, and head to calm him down when he wants to put him in bed.
  • When babies are born, they can recognize people's voices. Talking in soothing tones such as storytelling or singing lullabies can help your little one to dreamland faster.

Sleep well is not only good for the development of the baby, but also for the well-being of parents. Babies or children who sleep soundly can also make parents feel happier, more peaceful, and sleep without anxiety.

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