Knowing the Types and Ways of Removing Burn Scars

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Knowing the Types and Ways of Removing Burn Scars
Knowing the Types and Ways of Removing Burn Scars

Having skin with burn marks can affect your appearance and self-confidence. But don't worry too much, because there are several ways to get rid of burn scars that you can do

The causes of burns can vary. Burns to the skin can be caused by fire, electric shock, exposure to certain chemicals, prolonged exposure to the sun, or radiation.

Know the Types and Ways of Removing Burn Scars - Alodokter

Types of Burn Scars

Burns themselves can be divided into several levels, according to the depth and extent, namely light burns (degree one), moderate burns (degree two), and severe burns (degree three).

After healing, burns can leave scars on the skin. There are also different types of burn scars, namely:

Hypertrophic burn scars

Characterized by raised skin and protruding above the surface of the skin, can be purplish or reddish. These burn scars can also make the skin feel itchy and warm to the touch.

Contracture burn scars

These burn scars cause the skin to shrivel and pull, which can limit movement, especially if it's in the joint area. Contracture scars can also affect muscles and nerves.

Keloid burn scars

Scars are characterized by thickening of the skin that is shiny, usually reddish or darker than the original skin color. Like keloids from other injuries, keloids that form as a result of burns grow larger than the actual wound area.

How to Remove Burn Scars

Usually, minor or first-degree burns do not require medical attention, as they heal on their own and leave minimal scars, or possibly no scars at all.

In contrast to moderate and severe burns, which require treatment from a doctor. Burn scars caused by second and third degree burns will be very visible and can interfere with the movement and function of surrounding organs.

There are several treatment options to get rid of these burn scars, including:

  • Laser light therapy

    Laser light therapy on burn scars can help relieve pain in the area, as well as disguise burn scars.

  • Skin graft surgery

    Skin graft surgery is performed by taking he althy skin from another area of ​​the body itself or from a skin donor. The goal is to replace skin damaged by severe burns.

If you have burn scars and want to get rid of them, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist first. The dermatologist will suggest appropriate treatment for your burn scars, and if necessary, you will be referred to a plastic surgeon.

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