No Need To Be Confused, There Are Many Foods That Contain Iron

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No Need To Be Confused, There Are Many Foods That Contain Iron
No Need To Be Confused, There Are Many Foods That Contain Iron

Consuming foods that contain iron is very important to maintain a he althy body. Apart from being an important nutrient in the body, iron is also needed in the process of transmitting nerve signals, and to bind oxygen in red blood cells

People who lack iron intake are at risk for anemia. This condition is often experienced by women, especially pregnant women. Therefore, start getting used to eating foods that contain iron.

No Need To Be Confused, There Are Many Foods That Contain Iron - Alodokter

Various Types of Food Containing Iron

In general there are two types of iron from food, namely heme and nonheme. Heme iron comes from animal hemoglobin, while nonheme iron comes from plants.

The following are some types of food that you can consume to meet your daily iron needs:

1. Heart

Beef liver and chicken liver including foods that contain high iron. One piece of beef liver weighing 85 grams contains 5 mg of iron. While 100 grams of chicken liver contains 10 mg of iron.

Nevertheless, be wise in consuming it, because the liver contains high cholesterol. Pregnant women should also be careful in consuming liver, because if consumed in excess, there is a risk of causing excess vitamin A which is harmful to the fetus.

2. Red meat

Beef is a food that contains the highest iron compared to other types of red meat. In 100 grams of beef, contained 3.5 mg of iron. Other types of meat that also contain high levels of iron are mutton or lamb.

3. Spinach

Spinach is one of the vegetables known to be rich in iron. Before consuming it, you are recommended to cook it first so that the iron in spinach is more easily absorbed by the body.

One cup of cooked spinach contains 6 mg of iron, as well as various other nutrients, such as protein, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, and fiber.

4. Soybean

The nutritional content of soybeans is not only iron. Soybeans also contain manganese which supports the body's chemical processes, as well as copper which maintains the immune system and blood vessels. Soybeans can be consumed as a snack or processed into a side dish.

5. Oyster

One oyster contains 3-5 mg of iron. That means, a plate of oysters is enough to meet the needs of iron in a day. Oysters are easy to get and how to process them is simple.

By eating oysters, you not only get iron, but also zinc and vitamin B12. Besides oysters, salmon and tuna are also high in iron.

There are various choices of foods that contain iron, so it's actually not difficult to get enough of this substance. However, for pregnant women, you should first consult with your obstetrician about the portion and types of foods that are safe for consumption to get iron.

If you feel tired, pale, or faint frequently, see a doctor immediately. These complaints can indicate you have anemia due to iron deficiency (iron deficiency anemia). The doctor will find out the cause and provide appropriate treatment.

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