The benefits and ways of kissing you need to know

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The benefits and ways of kissing you need to know
The benefits and ways of kissing you need to know

Besides being a sign of love, there are actually benefits of kissing for he alth, you know! Even though the way of kissing each partner is different. Some of the following ways of kissing can help you and your partner kiss more he althily

There are various ways of kissing that you can do with your partner, from kissing lips that involve the tongue, kissing on the neck, or kissing in other intimate locations. As long as kissing is done in a he althy way, you and your partner can enjoy the benefits.

Benefits and Ways of Kissing You Need to Know - Alodokter

The Benefits of a Kiss from the Medical Side

You need to know that kissing can trigger chemical reactions in the brain, such as the production of the hormones oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, which play an important role in generating feelings of happiness and love.

Some of the benefits of kissing that can support your he alth, including:

1. Relieves stress and anxiety

In addition to increasing chemical reactions in the brain, kissing is also able to reduce the hormone cortisol, which is the main cause of stress.

Therefore, take advantage of kissing with your partner, as an effort to relieve stress and excessive anxiety.

2. Smooth blood flow

When kissing, blood vessels tend to widen and can facilitate blood flow. Besides being good for the heart, it can also treat headaches and muscle aches.

3. Make youthful

Kissing can involve more than 30 facial muscle movements. This activity can train facial muscles to be tighter, as well as trigger the production of collagen in the face, so you look younger. Not only that, kissing can also burn calories up to more than 20 calories per minute.

4. Increase sexual arousal

Kissing is arguably the most important thing to do before having sex. Of the many variations of kissing, kissing lips using the tongue, is proven to be very effective in increasing sexual arousal.

In addition, kissing can also increase endurance, reduce allergic responses, and can help prevent cavities by increasing saliva production.

How To Kiss A Good Romantic

Every couple can actually explore various kissing techniques or ways they want. However, both partners should feel comfortable with the way the kiss is done.

Here's a he althy and good way of kissing for you to do with your partner:

Clean your mouth first

Before starting a kiss, you should clean your mouth first so that your breath is fresh and your teeth are clean, so that this kiss does not pose a risk of disease.

Do it wholeheartedly

When you start kissing your partner, do it with all your heart and avoid kissing half-heartedly. Kissing with a partner should be done according to the comfort of each partner and not forced.

Avoid kissing if your partner is sick

If you or your partner is sick, especially if you suffer from a disease that can be transmitted through kissing, you should avoid kissing. This is so that you and your partner do not infect each other with diseases, such as flu or cough.

To increase sexual desire while kissing with your husband or wife, you can also touch or caress your partner's sensitive parts, such as the back of his head, neck, chest, or buttocks.

Remember, kissing must be done on the basis of the comfort of each partner, don't force this if you or your partner don't want it. Pay attention to the kissing method suggested above so that you and your partner can get the optimal benefits of kissing.

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