This is the Trick to Repel Mosquitoes Without Chemicals

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This is the Trick to Repel Mosquitoes Without Chemicals
This is the Trick to Repel Mosquitoes Without Chemicals

The rainy season has arrived, mosquito attacks can come even more than usual. Currently, there are many products circulating that can prevent yourself from being bitten by mosquitoes, either in the form of sprays, burning drugs, or lotions. Unfortunately, these products contain chemicals that are not good for the he alth of family members, especially children. It is better to prevent mosquito bites in a safe way and without using chemicals

The chemical that is often used as an active ingredient in mosquito repellent products is DEET. This substance can indeed prevent yourself from mosquito bites, but there are still side effects.Negative effects of inhaling or ingesting large amounts of DEET include difficulty breathing, stomach pain, coughing, vomiting, reduced self-awareness, shaking, or convulsions.

Here's the Trick to Repel Mosquitoes Without Chemicals - Alodokter

If large amounts are exposed to the skin and prolonged use, DEET may cause severe skin reactions such as burning, scalding, and permanent skin injury.

There are several ways to repel or avoid mosquito bites without chemicals. One of them is by installing mosquito nets on windows, using mosquito nets around the bed, cleaning and closing water reservoirs tightly, cleaning the environment that can be used as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and placing plants that can repel mosquitoes naturally. In addition, the step you need to take is to find out what makes the mosquito able to detect the presence of a blood source.Mosquitoes have special sensors to detect their prey, including visual and temperature sensors. Well, you can lure mosquitoes by using these two things.

Fishing with UV Light

Did you know that mosquitoes are attracted to light sources. Because of that, presenting light is often used as a trap to repel mosquitoes from the room. Well, one of the colors of light that can be seen and attracts mosquitoes is ultraviolet (UV) light. UV rays that are proven to be able to attract the attention of insects and mosquitoes are UV-A rays.

Mosquitoes Love Dark Colors

You may have heard the adage that says, "Don't wear black clothes so you don't get bitten by mosquitoes". Yes, dark colors, especially black, might attract mosquitoes, especially mosquitoes that roam during the day.

Black can absorb all light waves, and turn them into heat.So, the area around the black object will feel warmer than other areas. This is where the mosquito temperature sensor works. Mosquitoes are known to like warm temperatures, and this has been proven for more than a hundred years. That's why mosquitoes like black objects.

Once you know that mosquitoes are attracted to UV light and dark colors, you can lure mosquitoes into your own trap without using any chemicals. You can simply place a UV light or a dark object in the area you want, then when the mosquitoes start arriving, you can kill them by:

  • Smacking mosquitoes manually with both hands
  • Using an electric racket to kill mosquitoes
  • Placing insect glue or adhesive near UV light and dark colored objects

One mosquito bite can be bad for he alth.Some of the diseases that can arise from mosquito bites include chikungunya, dengue fever, malaria, jaundice, or the Zika virus. So, always protect your family from mosquito bites, and keep your home environment clean so that mosquitoes are 'averse' to come to your residence.

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