The Dangers of Gout if Not Treated

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The Dangers of Gout if Not Treated
The Dangers of Gout if Not Treated

Uric acid is actually produced by the body naturally to break down purine substances in food. Under normal conditions, unused uric acid will be directly excreted by the body through urine and feces. The danger of uric acid occurs when there is too much production and the kidneys are unable to get rid of it

High levels of uric acid in the blood can cause solid crystals to form in the joints, eventually causing inflammation and gout. If not immediately given uric acid medication, these solid crystals can cause various diseases or dangerous conditions, ranging from joint damage to kidney disease.

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Various Dangers of Gout

The following are the dangers of gout that can occur if this condition is not treated immediately:

1. Tophi

One of the dangers of gout that is not treated immediately is the buildup of solid crystals under the skin, which eventually forms small white bumps called tophi. Inside the tophi, there can be liquid that is shaped like toothpaste.

Tophi usually appears on the big toe, elbow, arm, ear, finger, knee, heel, or along the back of the ankle. When gout attacks come, tophi can become inflamed, swollen, and painful, making it difficult for sufferers to carry out daily activities.

2. Joint damage

The next danger of gout is joint damage. This condition occurs when uric acid levels in the blood are out of control, causing joint tissue to become permanently damaged.

Usually, joint damage will appear after tophi appears in the inflamed joint. This condition is a fairly serious problem, so a surgical procedure is needed to repair or replace the damaged joint.

3. Kidney stones

Kidney stones are also one of the dangers of gout if left untreated. When uric acid builds up, over time kidney stones will form. If this continues, the buildup of these stones can interfere with kidney function and eventually lead to kidney failure.

4. Coronary heart disease

High uric acid is also closely related to coronary heart disease. This condition occurs due to blockage of uric acid crystals in the blood vessels carried by the blood.

5. Diabetes

Uric acid that is left without treatment is also known to have a relationship with the occurrence of diabetes. A study revealed that high uric acid levels in the blood can increase the risk of diabetes by up to 20 percent.

In addition to the various diseases above, the dangers of uric acid can also appear in the form of cataracts, dry eye syndrome, and crystallization of uric acid in the lungs. If you have gout, immediately consult a doctor and undergo treatment as recommended by the doctor, in order to prevent further complications.

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