6 Things a Father-to-be Needs to Do

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6 Things a Father-to-be Needs to Do
6 Things a Father-to-be Needs to Do

Not only pregnant women, a father-to-be must have preparations for the birth of his baby. However, what do you need to do as a husband and father-to-be? Come on, find out here

Towards the end of pregnancy, the fetus can feel so heavy that it makes the wife often feel tired. Not only that, the wife's mood can also change because she feels afraid and worried about going through the labor process later.

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In conditions like this, wives need support and understanding from their husbands. You must be able to calm your wife and give her the motivation to stay optimistic in the face of childbirth. In addition, you also have to start preparing to accompany your wife before and during the delivery process.

Things a Father-to-be Needs to Do

Here are 6 things you need to do in preparation for welcoming your baby:

1. Ask the closest person for advice

Before becoming a father, try to spend time with a friend who just had a baby. You can ask things like how to take care of your wife and children when you are at home or about furniture that you need to add for the baby.

Having children is a big change that must be lived with caution. So, it's perfectly normal for you to still feel unprepared or insecure. To overcome this, don't be shy to share your thoughts about this with family or friends you trust.

2. Sensitive in sex life

There is no prohibition against having sex when the wife is pregnant. However, your wife may feel reluctant to do so. You have to respect and understand this situation. Apart from that, keep finding other ways to maintain intimacy and show your love for your wife.

If your wife still wants to have sex, make sure you find a comfortable position for her while doing it. Changes in the body shape of pregnant women can make sex different and more difficult to do.

3. Learn about your role during labor

Accompany your wife while attending classes for pregnant women. In class, you can learn the technique of massaging your wife to manage her pain and also the right position to accompany your wife during her delivery. From here, you can also immediately practice and discuss with your wife anything that can make her feel comfortable.

4. Help Wife by lightening household chores

As a father-to-be, you also have to start doing some household chores to lighten the burden on your wife. At this time, the wife's stomach is getting bigger and makes her feel uncomfortable, even backache.

Some of the household chores that fathers-to-be can do are making the bed, washing dishes, washing clothes, shopping for daily necessities, and cooking.

5. Be a ready husband

The father-to-be must be contactable at any time. Therefore, make sure your cell phone is always on and can be reached. In addition, make it easier to access important numbers on your cellphone, such as hospital numbers, private obstetricians, and numbers to call in an emergency.

Also prepare a plan to take your wife to the hospital later, whether by private car, ambulance, or other vehicle. When using a private car, make sure that gasoline is always available and the engine is running properly.

Before the day of delivery, you can try driving a car to the hospital to find out how long it will take to get there. Also find out alternative routes to anticipate traffic jams.

6. Getting ready for the birth of the wife

The wife will go through the toughest part of pregnancy, which is childbirth. She will experience pain, fatigue, and face various risks of childbirth. Therefore, reduce the burden on the wife by always helping and accompanying her before giving birth. You can help your wife prepare things or clothes that need to be taken to the hospital.

If you are forced to not be able to accompany your wife during childbirth, discuss this with your wife and family, and make sure there are other family members who can accompany your wife when giving birth.

Preparing to become a father can cause panic, insecurity, or fear.This is very natural for expectant fathers to feel. Try to overcome the things that are weighing on your mind one by one. If there are still things that make you confused or worried, don't hesitate to ask your doctor.

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