Do This When the Early Phase of Labor Takes place

Do This When the Early Phase of Labor Takes place
Do This When the Early Phase of Labor Takes place

Before the pushing process arrives, you will go through the initial phase of labor. Fatigue can enter your body, because this phase lasts a very long time when compared to other stages. In addition to draining energy, you can also feel discomfort at this time

The presence of this phase is indicated by the dilation of the cervix by 3-4 cm. As your cervix dilates, you may notice clear fluid or light bleeding from your vagina.

Do this when the early phase of labor takes place - Alodokter

You can also feel light to strong contractions at this time. Other signs that may appear include cramping, back pain, poor sleep, unstable mood, or stomach discomfort.

The initial phase of labor can be long, slow and can bore you. This condition can take hours or even days, especially if this is your first time giving birth. If your water has not broken and your condition is fine, you are advised to stay at home.

Staying at home during this early phase can also give you a more natural birth experience, your chances of getting medical intervention may be reduced (eg you don't need to use drugs to speed up labor). When you are at home, you are also able to save more energy for the next stage of labor which requires a lot of energy.

While at home, you can do the following:

Get lots of rest. When you enter this phase, it means that labor is in front of your eyes, but you don't know for sure when it will come. Well, childbirth can come suddenly without you expecting it. Therefore, always prepare your energy to face childbirth. One way is to increase the time to rest.

Take a warm bath. Contractions can make your body uncomfortable. To help make your body more relaxed due to contractions, you can take a warm bath. Or, you can also compress the painful area of ​​your body with a towel that has been soaked in hot water or use a bottle filled with hot water.

Practice breathing or relaxation techniques. One technique that you can practice is to breathe while thinking about the word relax. So, when you inhale, think of the word “ri” and on the exhale, think of “leks”.When practicing this, you are advised to remain calm and release any tension that you feel.

Another technique that can be applied during the early phase of labor, precisely between contractions or during contractions. Well, the way to do this technique is to place your right hand under the ribs, while your left hand is placed on your chest. After that take a deep breath through your nose and allow your stomach to expand so that your hands are pushed out. Make sure when you do this your chest doesn't move, okay!

Then exhale through your mouth (by forming your lips like when you want to whistle). When the stomach comes back in, use your hands to gently press the area to let all the air out.

Eat foods that give you energy. Eat foods that contain carbohydrates and are not easy to digest, such as potatoes, bread and pasta.

Divert your mind. Don't focus too much on what will happen during labor or imagine how painful it will be. This can stress you out. So, just switch it with things that can make you happy or forget about it. You can watch your favorite movie, listen to music, or take a relaxing walk with your partner.

After going through this initial phase, you will go through the active phase of labor. In this phase, or at the end of the initial phase, you are advised to immediately go to the nearest hospital.

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