Myths and Facts Behind Drinking Ice While Pregnant

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Myths and Facts Behind Drinking Ice While Pregnant
Myths and Facts Behind Drinking Ice While Pregnant

Some people believe that drinking ice during pregnancy can adversely affect the he alth of the fetus. In fact, that's not necessarily the case. Check out the following article to find out the facts about drinking ice while pregnant

Drinking enough water during pregnancy is very important to maintain the he alth of the mother and fetus. Pregnant women are recommended to drink 8-12 glasses of water every day. Otherwise, pregnant women are at risk of becoming dehydrated.

Myths and Facts Behind Drinking Ice While Pregnant - Alodokter

However, not a few pregnant women consume ice water or other cold drinks, such as milk or juice mixed with ice, because they are bored with plain water. Moreover, pregnant women are more easily stifled, so cold drinks will taste very tempting.

This raises questions about the safety of consuming ice during pregnancy.

Myths and Facts about Drinking Ice While Pregnant

There are several myths circulating in the community regarding pregnant women drinking ice or eating cold food. One of them is drinking ice while pregnant can cause the baby to be sick, or born with an above average size and weight. In fact, it is not true.

The size and weight of the baby are not affected by the temperature of the drink or food consumed by the mother during pregnancy. There are several factors that affect a baby's size and weight at birth, including:

  • Has a hereditary or genetic factor with a large body
  • Pregnant women have a history of giving birth to babies with large weight
  • Pregnant woman suffering from gestational diabetes
  • Baby born earlier than expected

On the contrary, drinking ice water during pregnancy actually has several benefits for pregnancy, namely preventing the body of pregnant women from overheating, and helping stimulate the movement of the baby in the womb.

If pregnant women are worried because they don't feel the movement of their little one as usual, drinking ice can stimulate them to move. When drinking ice, the baby can feel the cold temperature so that it stimulates him to move.

Safe Ways to Eat Ice While Pregnant

One of the efforts that pregnant women need to do to safely consume iced water is to ensure that the water or ice cubes that pregnant women drink are made of boiled and clean water. The reason is, water that is not cooked until cooked can carry germs and viruses that cause dangerous infections.

To avoid this risk, pregnant women can apply the following tips if you want to drink ice while pregnant:

  • Bring your own drinks when traveling and make sure they are clean
  • If pregnant women buy packaged drinks, make sure the bottles are still sealed and check the expiration date. Avoid buying products with damaged, leaking, and discolored packaging or seals
  • If you want to drink ice while pregnant from a beverage seller, choose a packaged beverage product that has been chilled rather than a drink that has added ice cubes

Drinking ice while pregnant is basically okay, but pregnant women still need to be vigilant. Make sure the ice is made from clean water, and stored and processed hygienically. In addition, make sure that the cold drinks that pregnant women consume do not contain a lot of sugar or chemical additives, such as dyes, flavorings, or preservatives.

To ensure that the he alth of the mother and baby remains in good condition, don't forget to regularly check with the obstetrician. The doctor will help pregnant women make a list of foods and drinks to avoid during pregnancy.

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