Recognizing the Benefits of Night Exercise and the Risks

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Recognizing the Benefits of Night Exercise and the Risks
Recognizing the Benefits of Night Exercise and the Risks

Night exercise can be an option if you want to do physical activity and be more active at night. Although good for maintaining physical fitness, night exercise also has risks that are also important for you to know

Although the recommended exercise time is in the morning, some people choose to exercise at night for work or lifestyle reasons. In fact, a study revealed that evening exercise has he alth benefits that are not much different from morning exercise.

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Various Benefits of Night Sports

Basically, exercising at night is better than not exercising at all. At least, you are advised to exercise for 30 minutes every day to keep your body he althy and fit. There are several benefits of evening exercise that you can get, including:

1. Improve sleep quality

There is an assumption that night exercise can cause difficulty sleeping or reduce sleep quality. In fact, this assumption is not true and quite the opposite. A number of studies have revealed that nightly exercise can make you sleep better and sleep quality better.

This is because night exercise can make a person feel tired, so it is easy to fall asleep and not often wake up from sleep.

2. Clear your mind

Similar to morning exercise, evening exercise can also clear your mind, especially after you are tired of working or doing activities all day.The reason is, when you exercise, your body will produce endorphins that can improve your mood and reduce stress so you can think better.

3. Improve sports performance

According to a study, evening exercise can improve performance during physical activity when compared to morning exercise. This is because the lungs and body metabolism work better at night.

Not only that, tired body muscles after a day's activities will be more relaxed and flexible. That way, your risk of getting injured or cramping is reduced when you do night sports.

Various Night Sports Risks

Although it has a good impact on he alth, night exercise that is done close to bedtime can cause you to have trouble sleeping. This condition is caused by an increase in body temperature and metabolism after exercise, thus keeping you awake.

Therefore, it is not recommended that you exercise 1 hour before bedtime. In addition, the selection of the type of night exercise often affects the body's sleep hours. You are advised not to do high-intensity exercise (HIIT), such as aerobic exercise, which can increase body temperature.

If you want to exercise at night, you can try doing sports ranging from light to moderate intensity, such as yoga, stretching, or walking.

So that the quality of sleep is not disturbed after a night's exercise, you are also advised not to consume caffeinated and alcoholic beverages before going to bed and eat dinner in small portions to minimize waking up at night and having trouble sleeping.

So, night exercise is actually safe and he althy, unlike the many circulating sports myths. However, you need to pay attention to the time and type of exercise you do so that it doesn't affect your sleep.

If you still have questions about evening exercise, you can consult your doctor to find out what type of exercise is suitable for your body condition.

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