7 Effective Ways to Overcome Thin Hair Easily

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7 Effective Ways to Overcome Thin Hair Easily
7 Effective Ways to Overcome Thin Hair Easily

Thin hair often interferes with appearance and self-confidence. However, you don't need to worry if you experience it, because there are various effective ways to deal with thin hair conditions. That way, you can get he althy, thick, and voluminous hair

Thin hair can be experienced by anyone, both men and women. This condition can be caused by several things, ranging from heredity, certain medical conditions, side effects of drugs, stress, hair styling mistakes, to a bad lifestyle.

7 Effective Ways to Overcome Thin Hair Easily - Alodokter

Various Ways to Overcome Thin Hair

Thin hair can be treated based on the underlying cause. However, this condition can generally be resolved in the following ways:

1. Adequate nutritional intake

Not only for body he alth, eating nutritious food is also good for hair he alth. There are various foods for hair vitamins that are good for consumption to treat thin hair, ranging from lean meats, fish, eggs, avocados, green vegetables, to nuts.

2. Massaging the scalp regularly

Regularly massaging the scalp when shampooing is the easiest way you can do to deal with thin hair. This can happen because massage on the scalp is beneficial to encourage blood flow and remove dead skin cells, so that it can stimulate hair growth.

3. Change the hairstyle

The next way to deal with thin hair is to change or avoid excessive hair styling, such as using a straightener too often or using too much hair oil or wax.

You can reduce this habit or pay attention to how to use it so as not to overdo it. If you want to use hair oil, make sure you choose a product that suits your needs and use it sparingly.

4. Manage stress well

Uncontrolled stress can trigger the release of the hormone cortisol. When the hormone cortisol is released too much, this can inhibit hair growth so that over time the hair becomes thinner. Therefore, you need to manage stress well so as not to trigger hair thinning.

5. Using essential oils

The use of essential oils, such as olive oil, lavender, or rosemary, is believed to stimulate hair growth to become thicker. You can take advantage of the properties of this essential oil by using it as a hair mask.

6. Choose a special shampoo for thin hair

Using a special shampoo for thin hair can also be an option to deal with thin hair. This type of shampoo can work in two ways, namely adding volume to the hair so it looks thicker and maintaining a he althy scalp so that it can promote hair growth.

Both of these things can be obtained because of the vitamin and amino acid content in it.

7. Using drugs

If the various methods above have not been able to overcome thin hair, the last step you can take is to use drugs from a doctor. Usually, the doctor will conduct a series of examinations first to determine the cause of hair loss.

After the results of the diagnosis are known, the doctor will prescribe a thin hair drug according to the underlying cause. There are several medicines that are generally prescribed by doctors to treat thin hair and hair loss, such as minoxidil and finasteride.

Under certain conditions, the doctor may also recommend certain procedures, such as laser therapy or hair transplant surgery.

Thin hair can erode self-confidence. However, as long as you routinely do the various ways above, the problem of thin hair can be resolved properly. If necessary, you can consult a doctor to get maximum results.

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