Watery semen doesn't necessarily mean barren

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Watery semen doesn't necessarily mean barren
Watery semen doesn't necessarily mean barren

watery semen is often associated as a sign of infertility. In fact, in some conditions, semen that looks watery is still considered normal and can still lead to pregnancy as long as there are no other signs or symptoms that indicate certain diseases

Semen or semen is a white liquid that comes out when the penis is ejaculated. When expelled, semen contains millions of sperm cells. Normally, the semen that comes out during ejaculation is thick with an average volume of 2-5 ml.

Watery Semen Doesn't Always Mean Infertility - Alodokter

However, after 10-15 minutes, the semen that was previously thick will turn watery. This is actually normal to support the movement of sperm in fertilizing the egg.

Various Causes of Watery Semen

Having watery semen doesn't necessarily cause fertility problems and can still make a couple pregnant. However, thick semen has more sperm counts than watery semen, so it can increase the chances of pregnancy.

Not infrequently watery semen only occurs temporarily and looks thick again during the next ejaculation. Well, there are several things that can cause the semen to be watery, including:

1. Oligospermia

Oligospermia or low sperm count is one of the most common factors that causes watery semen. This condition is characterized by a sperm count that is less than the normal number, which is 15 million cells per 1 ml of semen.

Oligospermia can occur due to several factors, such as hormonal imbalance, sexually transmitted infections, or side effects of medications.

2. Frequent ejaculation

Watery semen can also occur if you ejaculate too often, both during sexual intercourse and masturbation. When ejaculation occurs several times a day, the quality of semen after the first ejaculation tends to be more watery. Even so, semen can still be thick again a few hours later.

3. Environmental conditions are too hot

Environmental conditions around the testicles that are too hot can reduce sperm production and quality, so that semen can become watery. This can happen when you take a hot bath, wear tight pants, place your laptop on your thigh, or go to a sauna.

Even so, if you do it occasionally, some of the things above don't immediately trigger watery semen. However, if done too long and too often, these habits can affect sperm production.

4. Deficiency of the mineral zinc

A study shows that zinc deficiency conditions can also have an impact on changing semen to become watery. This can happen because zinc is a mineral that plays an important role in increasing the quality and number of sperm.

5. Bad lifestyle

In addition to nutritional deficiencies, the habit of drinking alcohol, smoking, prolonged stress, or obesity, also causes reduced sperm production. If left unchecked, this condition can make the semen runny. Not only that, a bad lifestyle will also cause various chronic diseases.

In addition to the various factors above, watery semen can also be caused by decreased sperm production due to exposure to chemicals or radiation at work and a history of surgery or accidents involving the genitals.

Tips for Overcoming Watery Semen

The following are some tips for dealing with watery semen and increasing sperm quality and volume:

  • Applying a he althy diet, especially increasing the consumption of foods rich in zinc, such as lean meat, oysters, and nuts
  • Stay away from unhe althy lifestyles, such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption
  • Maintaining ideal body weight so that hormone balance is maintained
  • Avoid wearing tight underwear because it is believed to reduce sperm quality and volume
  • Avoiding excessive stress because it can interfere with the hormones needed to produce sperm

In addition, avoid exposure to toxic substances because they can damage sperm quality. If you work in an environment where there is a high risk of exposure to certain toxic substances, it is recommended that you wear personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of poison entering the body.

If watery semen occurs continuously or even if your partner has difficulty conceiving despite regular sexual intercourse, you and your partner are advised to consult a doctor.

Examination in men generally can be in the form of a sperm analysis test. This test is done by checking the volume of semen, sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm shape.

The condition of watery semen is actually not dangerous. However, if accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain when urinating or having sex, as well as changes in the color of the semen to red, brown, yellow, or greenish, you should immediately consult a doctor so that he can get treatment according to the cause.

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