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Here's Why Babies Cry at Night

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Here's Why Babies Cry at Night
Here's Why Babies Cry at Night

There are several things that can cause a baby to cry at night. Let's identify the cause, so that you don't feel stressed and confused in dealing with it

Crying is the only way babies can express what they want or feel. In a day, babies can cry at least every 1-3 hours, or even more.

This is the reason why babies cry at night - Alodokter

Why Babies Cry at Night

Babies can cry at any time, both during the day and at night while sleeping. If the baby cries at night, it could be due to the following conditions:

1. Colic

One of the causes of babies crying at night is colic. Colic in babies will be characterized by loud crying with a long duration, it can even be more than three hours in one day.

This condition can occur when the baby is about 3 weeks old and more often when he is 4 and 6 weeks old. The intensity of colic crying may decrease after the baby is 6 weeks old, and completely disappear by the time he reaches 12 weeks of age.

Colic crying is often associated with digestive disorders. However, crying can also be a way for babies to express their emotions or as a sign that they are sensitive to certain stimuli.

Colic crying that occurs at night might make you confused and panicked.To fix this, try holding your little one until he feels calm, or lay your little one on your mother's lap and gently rub his back. This will make your little one feel more comfortable and reduce crying.

2. Hungry

Baby crying at night can be caused by hunger. In addition to crying, another sign of a hungry baby is the appearance of the movement of putting your hand in your mouth or sucking on your lips. If your little one does this, immediately give him milk.

To no longer cry at night because of hunger, try to record your baby's feeding habits, especially at night. Set an alarm to give him milk at this time, before he cries or fusses because he is hungry.

3. Wet diaper

In addition to hunger, a wet or full diaper at night can make the baby uncomfortable and cause him to cry. So that this does not interfere with your little one's sleep, you are advised to check his diaper before going to bed.If it's wet, immediately replace it with a new one so that he doesn't disturb his sleep and cry because his diaper is wet.

4. Fatigue

This period of crying at night can be part of a normal process of growth and development. The reason is, when out of the womb, the baby begins to see and hear new things that can keep his brain busy working. So, maybe the baby is fussy and cries at night, because he is tired of his new “lessons”.

5. Lonely

Being the only person awake at night might make your little one feel lonely and end up crying because they need your attention. If it's caused by this, usually the baby's crying will stop when he sees a face, hears a voice, or when he is touched by a mother.

6. Want to move

After a day of taking care of your little one, you may feel tired to carry him at night. Well, lying too long in bed can make your little one bored and eventually cry to convey his emotions. So, try to carry your little one so that the crying subsides.

In addition to the causes above, babies can also experience a purple crying phase, which is a phase when the baby cries more often and is difficult to calm down even though there is no clear cause. However, mothers also need to pay attention and be aware of the signs of a baby's crying which indicates a he alth problem.

If it is caused by a he alth problem, a baby's cry will usually be accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, or no appetite. In addition, the mother must also be alert if the cry is very high-pitched, because this can indicate that the little one is in pain.

If you find the signs above, immediately check your little one to the doctor, so that the cause can be identified and given the right treatment.

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