Pregnant Mother Gives Birth in Hospital, When Should You Leave?

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Pregnant Mother Gives Birth in Hospital, When Should You Leave?
Pregnant Mother Gives Birth in Hospital, When Should You Leave?

Around the day of birth, pregnant women may feel contractions. However, when she arrived at the hospital, pregnant women were advised to go home again because it turned out that the time for delivery had not yet arrived. If so, when can pregnant women actually go to the hospital?

The closer the day of birth, the more alert you are to all signs of labor, especially abdominal contractions. However, it turns out that there are things that can make pregnant women misguided and leave too soon for the hospital.

In addition to going back and forth, pregnant women can also stay at the hospital prematurely. In fact, of course it's more comfortable to rest at home, right?

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The Right Time for Pregnant Women to Give Birth in Hospital

There are signs that pregnant women need to pay attention to and become an "alarm" for pregnant women to go to the hospital. Here is the explanation:


Pregnant women are advised to go to the hospital when uterine contractions begin. However, distinguish between false contractions and real contractions. False contractions can occur as early as the third trimester. The contractions were intermittent and only felt in the front abdomen.

Contractions actually feel like they are radiating from the upper abdomen or back to the lower abdomen. Usually, pregnant women will know for sure that it is time for labor because the contractions are so strong that they can't even speak.

In addition, contractions come regularly and last for at least 60 seconds. Initially, contractions will occur every 15–20 minutes. However, over time the contractions came faster and faster, about every 5 minutes.

If you have given birth vaginally before, pregnant women can start getting ready to leave if contractions occur every 10-15 minutes. This is because mothers who have given birth will experience a faster process in the next delivery. If this is your first pregnancy, pregnant women can wait for contractions to occur every 5 minutes.

ruptured membranes

Usually, the membranes break when the contractions start to become regular and get stronger. However, it could also have happened before. Most pregnant women will give birth 12–24 hours after the membranes rupture. Therefore, immediately go to the hospital if this happens.

Amniotic fluid can come out slowly like drops or seepage of water, it can also spurt suddenly. Record when the membranes ruptured, the amount of water that came out, and the color of the amniotic fluid to report to the doctor.

Signs of Childbirth

In addition to the signs above, there are also signs of childbirth that can serve as a "reminder" that it is time for pregnant women to go to the hospital.These signs are part of the early phases of labour, and one of them is the false contractions discussed earlier.

Here are other signs of the early stages of labor:

Baby drop

Sometimes, pregnant women can feel their baby descending into the pelvic cavity and settle in a position ready to come out. In this condition, pregnant women may feel the urge to urinate frequently, because the uterus puts pressure on the bladder.

Mucous discharge from the vagina

Along with uterine contractions, the cervix will also open little by little. When the cervix opens wider, mucus from the cervix will come out through the vagina. The color of the mucus can be clear, pink, or mixed with blood.

If this sign occurs, pregnant women may experience labor contractions soon. However, it could also be a new birth 1-2 weeks later. Just in case, pregnant women should still check with the doctor.

Thinning and opening of the cervix

If the doctor's examination shows that the cervix has been opened and pregnant women will be advised to wait for delivery at home.

While waiting at home, pregnant women can re-check the complete list of items that need to be taken to the hospital. Eat nutritious foods, drink enough water, do light exercise, and get enough rest to gather the energy that pregnant women need later.

However, if pregnant women feel danger signs in pregnancy, such as heavy bleeding from the vagina, the fetus does not feel moving, or swelling throughout the body, immediately go to the hospital without waiting any longer.

The experiences of pregnant women who give birth in hospitals can vary. Some have ruptured their membranes from home, some only feel contractions without breaking their membranes. So, if pregnant women are confused about when to leave, don't hesitate to consult a doctor.

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