How to Increase Serotonin Hormones to Avoid Depression

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How to Increase Serotonin Hormones to Avoid Depression
How to Increase Serotonin Hormones to Avoid Depression

The role of the hormone serotonin is very important for the human body because it is useful in managing mood, including preventing depression. The good news is that there is an easy way to increase serotonin levels in the body, to keep the mood happy and positive

The hormone serotonin actually acts as a neurotransmitter, which is a signal carrier between neural networks. So in addition to influencing mood, the hormone serotonin also plays a role in various other body functions, such as digestion, blood clotting, bone formation, and sexual function.After eating, the body will naturally produce this hormone. This can trigger drowsiness which causes a person to often fall asleep after eating.

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Relation between Serotonin and Depression

A study revealed that an imbalance in serotonin levels has an influence on mood disorders that lead to stress, even depression. One of the causes is the lack of tryptophan amino acid levels in the body. The amino acid tryptophan is one of the basic ingredients of the serotonin hormone which is not produced by the body itself, but must be obtained from food.

So when your body lacks tryptophan, serotonin levels in the body will decrease, so you can experience mood disorders, such as anxiety, anger, or depression.

The Best Way to Increase Serotonin Hormones

In addition to undergoing treatment from a doctor, for example by using drugs or undergoing acupuncture therapy with an acupuncturist, one of the best ways to increase serotonin hormone levels is to regulate your diet. However, because serotonin is not found in food, it is recommended that you eat foods rich in tryptophan.

In addition, you are also advised to eat carbohydrate foods to increase serotonin hormone levels. This is because carbohydrate intake triggers the body to release more insulin. When insulin levels in the body are high, the absorption of amino acids, including tryptophan, will increase.

Choosing he althy foods that are high in tryptophan along with carbohydrate foods can be an effective way to increase the hormone serotonin. Prioritize foods with complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal and whole wheat bread.

The following are some types of tryptophan-rich foods that are thought to increase serotonin levels in the body:

1. Egg

The protein in egg yolks can increase tryptophan levels in the blood, thereby increasing serotonin levels. Tryptophan and tyrosine in egg yolks also act as antioxidants.

2. Know

Tofu has a high tryptophan content, so it is very appropriate to be a menu choice that is useful in increasing serotonin hormone levels.

3. Salmon

Salmon is a type of fish that contains many important nutrients, and one of them is tryptophan.

4. Cheese

Cheese can be added to various snacks or main meals to help increase serotonin levels in the body.

5. Nuts and seeds

In addition to being rich in antioxidants and vitamins, nuts and seeds also contain tryptophan, so they are good for consumption if you want to increase the serotonin hormone.

Although useful, do not consume the foods mentioned above in excess. Serotonin levels that are too high in the body can cause serotonin syndrome, which is dangerous to he alth. Balance these types of food with a balanced nutritious diet.

Based on research, there is another way you can increase the serotonin hormone, which is to exercise regularly outdoors. This activity is considered to improve mood.

In addition, you are advised to get exposure to the morning sun. Avoid sun exposure at 10:00 to 14:00, because at that time, ultraviolet exposure is very high. One more way that can be done is to get used to thinking positively. Sometimes, serotonin can also be produced by the placebo effect.

The various ways above you can do to increase serotonin hormone levels, so you avoid depression. However, if the methods above don't work or if your symptoms of depression persist, it's best to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to get the treatment you need.

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