Want to be your ideal husband? Come on, apply these tips

Want to be your ideal husband? Come on, apply these tips
Want to be your ideal husband? Come on, apply these tips

There is no perfect husband in this world. However, that doesn't mean you can't be the husband of your dreams. Come on, apply the tips below so that your wife is more 'sticky' with you

Just having a passionate love in your heart is not enough to make you a dream husband. You need to show real evidence to your wife through actions that can please her.

Want to be your ideal husband? Come on, apply these tips - Alodokter

Tips to be your ideal husband

Being a dream husband is not a difficult thing, if you really intend to do it. So that your relationship with your wife becomes closer, there are some tips you can do to become your wife's dream husband, namely:

1. Get used to giving compliments

There are easy things you can do without having to spend energy or money to become your ideal husband, which is to give compliments. Even though it looks trivial, compliments can please your wife, you know.

If you haven't done it so often, now try to make it a habit to give compliments when your wife makes food for you, when she wears new clothes, or when she polishes her face with make-up. With a compliment, your wife will smile happily and make her 'crazy'.

In addition to praise, thanks are also important to give to appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices that your wife has made. Make sure you say it with all your heart, okay.

2. Know what your wife wants

Sometimes, women are shy or proud to express their desires. In this case, you don't have to assume or try to read your wife's mind to find out what she wants.

Try to ask directly about what your wife hopes or wants in your marriage relationship. This includes the wife's wishes in various ways, both in terms of finances, your attention to her, to your sex life.

3. Help lighten the work

Sometimes, one of the reasons married couples fight is because of household chores. Who says housework is only for women? Men have to be willing to do it too and there's nothing strange about it.

To be your ideal husband, you must be willing to step in to help your wife do household chores, without having to be asked first. For example, you can help with washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or other tasks that require extra effort.

If you already have children, you can lighten your wife's burden by helping her take care of the little one. Lightening your wife's burden can prevent her from experiencing stress, you know!

4. Make time for dating

Take your wife out on a date, such as having dinner at a restaurant, watching a movie at the cinema, or other activities you did when you were dating. You can also rent a hotel room to enjoy the moment alone with your wife in a different atmosphere.

By routinely doing this activity, the romance in your relationship can be maintained. However, make sure your little one is there to take care of you before you and your wife leave the house, okay.

5. Have a good life attitude in yourself

A he althy relationship is one that provides care and support to your partner, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Not only that, as the head of the household, you are encouraged to always be positive in various things, including when you experience failure or even in the worst conditions. By showing a positive attitude, your wife will certainly be more sympathetic and closer to you.

Perfect or not someone is not the main thing. What is important is the effort you have made to become the husband of your dreams. Never stop to continue to improve yourself and remember, your status here is as a household leader, you must devote yourself as best you can to your beloved family.

If you find it difficult to follow your wife's wishes or find there are problems in the household that prevent you from becoming your ideal husband, try counseling with a psychologist.

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