Like This Is How To Overcome Swollen Lips Safely

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Like This Is How To Overcome Swollen Lips Safely
Like This Is How To Overcome Swollen Lips Safely

Swollen lips can occur when there is inflammation, fluid buildup, or bleeding in the lip tissue. Know how to deal with swollen lips that are safe, so that this complaint can be resolved properly

Swollen lips can be caused by an allergic reaction, insect bite, tissue injury, or wound. This condition is usually also characterized by a sensation of pain and redness in the swelling area.

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Various Ways to Overcome Swollen Lips

When you experience swollen lips, it is very important to keep your lips and mouth clean so you don't experience a more serious condition. Here are some ways to treat swollen lips that you can do at home:

Ice Compress

Compress using ice wrapped in a cloth to reduce pain and swelling at the time of injury. Do this several times a day. and avoid exposure to ice that directly touches the skin to prevent further damage.

Apply aloe vera gel

The aloe vera plant is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and can also be used as an option to help treat swollen lips.

Keep lips moist

Drink lots of water to keep your lips hydrated. You can also add moisture to your lips to make them last longer by using lip balm. But avoid lip balms that contain allergy-triggering ingredients.

Take care of oral hygiene

Gently rinse the mouth area with water after each meal, so that the remaining food debris does not stick to the swollen lips and cause further infection or inflammation.

Consumption of soft food

So that the swollen lip layer does not get more inflamed or painful, consume soft foods, such as porridge or soup. It is recommended that you eat soft foods for at least 2-3 days.

Take medicine according to doctor's advice

If you experience swollen lips due to allergies, then avoid the cause. In addition, take allergy relievers according to the dose prescribed by the doctor. If deemed necessary, the doctor may also recommend that you take anti-inflammatory and pain relievers.

If there are signs of infection, the doctor may also prescribe antibiotics. In certain conditions, the doctor may need to take action to remove the pus from the swollen lips.

Recognizing More Serious Swollen Lip Conditions

If the way to treat swollen lips that you do at home does not produce healing results, you should immediately see a doctor. It is possible that swollen lips are a symptom of another disease.

Beware of swollen lips accompanied by wheezing (breathing sounds like whistling due to shortness of breath), difficulty breathing, until loss of consciousness, and swelling that occurs in the mouth and tongue. This condition is serious and requires immediate medical attention.

Swollen lips need to be treated appropriately. You can do natural remedies at home. However, consult a doctor immediately if swollen lips are accompanied by serious symptoms.

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