Pregnant Mothers, Let's Relax Soaking in Epsom S alt Solution

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Pregnant Mothers, Let's Relax Soaking in Epsom S alt Solution
Pregnant Mothers, Let's Relax Soaking in Epsom S alt Solution

Epsom s alt is different from regular table s alt. This s alt does not come from the sea, but is the result of chemical processing in the form of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. This s alt is called Epsom s alt because it was first created in the city of Epsom, England

Epsom s alt does have the same appearance as table s alt, but tastes different when consumed. Unlike table s alt which tastes s alty, Epsom s alt has a bitter taste. Epsom s alt is not commonly used for cooking purposes, but is mixed with warm water for bathing.

Pregnant Women, Let's Relax Soaking in Epsom S alt Solution - Alodokter

Since the first, bathing with warm water mixed with Epsom s alt is useful for causing a relaxing effect. Not a few people also believe that bathing in Epsom s alt water can have a positive impact on pregnancy.

In addition to the above uses, Epsom s alt solution is often used as an alternative treatment to treat various diseases, such as constipation, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, and fibromyalgia. However, the effectiveness of Epsom s alt as a treatment is still unclear and still needs further research.

What are the Benefits of Bathing with Epsom S alt in Pregnancy?

Soaking in Epsom s alt solution is believed to provide several benefits, including:

1. Cleans and tightens skin

Many pregnant women claim that their skin looks smoother and brighter after bathing with water mixed with Epsom s alt. However, pregnant women are not advised to bathe with Epsom s alt water too often or for too long because it can cause dry skin.

2. Relieve muscle pain

Pregnant women are prone to experiencing muscle pain, back pain, and leg cramps, especially after a day of activities with an enlarged stomach.

To relieve it, pregnant women can relax the body while soaking in the Epsom s alt solution. The magnesium sulfate contained in this s alt is thought to relieve muscle aches and cramps.

3. Reducing stress

Changes in hormones often affect mood, thus making pregnant women vulnerable to stress. Luckily, soaking in Epsom s alt solution can be the solution.

This is thanks to the magnesium content in Epsom s alt which can make the body produce more serotonin and melatonin. These two hormones can make the mood more stable, calm the mind, and improve sleep quality.

Therefore, taking a warm bath mixed with Epsom s alt can help pregnant women feel more relaxed and calm, so stress can be reduced.

4. Relieves fatigue

To pamper yourself after a day of activities, pregnant women can relax while soaking in a mixture of warm water and Epsom s alt. The reason is, soaking in water mixed with Epsom s alt is believed to be effective for overcoming fatigue and making the pregnant woman's body feel fresher.

The Correct Way of Bathing in Epsom S alt Water

Epsom s alt can be dissolved in water, either in a tub, bucket, or tub, depending on whether you just want to soak your feet in the bucket or soak your whole body.

If pregnant women want to soak their whole body in a bath tub, first fill the tub with warm water (temperature around 37.5-38 degrees Celsius). Then add 1-2 tablespoons of Epsom s alt.

After the Epsom s alt dissolves with the water, pregnant women can start soaking in the bathtub for about 12-15 minutes. It's best to avoid soaking for too long or adding too much Epsom s alt because it can make the skin dry and irritated.

As a safe step, choose pure Epsom s alt and do not contain oils, herbs, dyes, or fragrances to avoid allergic reactions or skin irritation. Be sure to always read the information on the packaging before buying Epsom s alt.

Warning, Don't Do This

Epsom s alt solution is only safe to use on the skin, as a scrub mixture or mixed in bath water. The use of Epsom s alt by swallowing or injecting it into the body is not recommended to be done without a doctor's supervision.

This is because the magnesium content in Epsom s alt is quite high, so it has the potential to harm the fetus if consumed in excess. One of the he alth problems that can affect the fetus when pregnant women consume espom s alt is bone abnormalities.

In general, Epsom s alt baths are considered safe. However, if pregnant women have certain he alth problems, have sensitive skin, or are using drugs and supplements, you should first consult with a gynecologist before trying to use Epsom s alt.

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