How to Choose Hair Extensions and Use Them

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How to Choose Hair Extensions and Use Them
How to Choose Hair Extensions and Use Them

Although extensions can make you look a little different, don't wear them carelessly. You must know how to choose the right extension hair, including how to use and care for it correctly

For owners of short hair or thin hair, using hair extensions or hair extensions can be a solution to get long and thick hair instantly. However, there are ways to choose hair extensions that must be considered. If the wrong choice, the problem of hair loss to scalp irritation can be experienced.

How to Choose Hair Extensions and Use Them - Alodokter

How to Choose Hair Extensions

The first way to choose hair extensions is to adjust to your needs. If you want to use extensions for a while, you can use extensions that are not permanent or removable. However, be careful when using it. Extension hair has the potential to damage the hair and cause hair breakage.

For the use of permanent extension hair, you need to be aware of the possibility of causing scalp irritation. In addition, stress on natural hair has the potential to cause hair damage and make it easy to fall out, and even cause baldness.

The second way to choose hair extensions that should not be ignored is related to the material of the connection hair you choose. There are two types of hair extensions that are commonly found, namely synthetic hair and natural human hair.

Both types of hair extensions have their advantages and disadvantages. Hair extensions made from natural human hair, tend to be priced at a higher price. But in terms of quality, natural human hair looks more natural when worn.

Pay Attention to This Before Using Hair Extensions

After knowing how to choose extension hair, the next thing to pay attention to is how to install it. Make sure that the extension hair does not damage your natural hair.

The installation process must be done correctly so that the original hair is not pulled out or fall out. Before the installation process is carried out, make sure that the hair is clean and he althy. Dirty or chemical-laden hair may cause dry, flaky and itchy scalp.

In addition to the condition of the hair, also pay attention to the cleanliness of the scalp before the installation is carried out.Make sure the scalp is not allergic to hair extensions or other materials used in the installation process. Lastly, avoid using hair that is too tight. Not only does it trigger headaches, but it can also cause hair loss.

In addition to knowing how to choose extension hair and how to install it, you also know how to properly care for your extension hair. You are advised to regularly wash your hair at least once a week to keep your scalp he althy. In addition, avoid using hair extensions continuously. Let your hair rest to keep it he althy.

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