Men's Sexual Arousal Determined By These 3 Things

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Men's Sexual Arousal Determined By These 3 Things
Men's Sexual Arousal Determined By These 3 Things

There is an assumption that men's sexual arousal is more easily provoked than women. In fact, this is not entirely true because men and women generally have different levels of arousal. So, what affects sexual arousal in men?

Earlier, it has been mentioned that sexual arousal in men and women is generally different. The difference lies in how the brain works and the response of the body's organs to sexual stimulation.

Men's Sexual Arousal is Determined by 3 Things - Alodokter

Even so, men's sexual arousal tends to arise spontaneously and more often than women. His fantasies are also more varied than women's sexual fantasies.

Sexual Arousal Determinants of Men

There are at least 3 things that can affect a man's sexual arousal, namely:

1. Brain system

The determinant of a man's sexual arousal lies in his brain tissue. This is what underlies men can experience orgasm just by thinking or dreaming about sexual activity. In fact, pictures that can stimulate arousal can cause a man to have an orgasm.

This can happen because when a man feels excited, signals in the brain will stimulate the heartbeat and blood flow to the penis, causing an erection that can end with ejaculation.

2. Testosterone

The hormone testosterone has an important role for male sexual arousal. This hormone has a function in the formation of male sex organs, hair and muscle growth, and the production of sperm and red blood cells. Changes in the voice of teenage boys as they grow up are also influenced by this hormone.

The highest testosterone levels are experienced by men in late adolescence. At the age of 30 years, this hormone will decrease little by little. This will affect sexual arousal and the ability of the penis to have an erection.

In a daily cycle, testosterone levels are highest in the morning. That's why men are more excited to have sex in the morning.

3. Direct and visual stimulation

If women can be aroused by sexual stories or fantasies, men need direct and visual stimulation. That's why porn movies or oral sex from a partner can trigger male sexual arousal stimulation.

Men can feel sexual arousal just by sitting alone and looking at erotic pictures or videos. Meanwhile, women need more foreplay or romance to increase sexual arousal and reach orgasm.

Causes Changes in Male Sexual Arousal

Just like women, men's sexual arousal will also decrease. The decline in male sexual arousal can be caused by many factors. The first factor is associated with age.

Along with age, testosterone levels will decrease, resulting in a decrease in sexual arousal. Other factors such as stress, he alth problems such as diabetes, to a bad lifestyle can also make a man's sexual desire decrease.

The number of factors that can affect changes in a man's sexual arousal makes there is no definite benchmark at what age a man's sexual arousal decreases. Some people start to feel it when they are 35 years old, some just experience it when they reach 60 years old.

To keep men's sexual arousal in prime condition, men are advised to adopt a he althy lifestyle. The trick is to eat a balanced nutritious diet, exercise regularly and regularly, stop smoking and alcoholic beverages, and manage stress well.

Don't let the male sexual arousal disorder you or your partner experience drag on. If you feel that there is a disturbance in your sexual life, immediately consult a doctor to get the best solution so that your household life and your partner's life remains harmonious.

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