Variety of Sports for Maximum Diet

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Variety of Sports for Maximum Diet
Variety of Sports for Maximum Diet

For those of you who want to have an ideal body weight, just reducing the portion of food is not enough. Regular exercise also plays an important role in getting the ideal body weight. So, what are some exercises for dieting that you can do at home?

Exercise or physical activity basically helps you burn calories. In addition to eating he althy foods, you also need exercise for your diet if you want to lose weight.

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There are several types of exercise that not only burn calories, but are also able to burn fat in certain body parts, such as the stomach, arms, and thighs. By doing exercise for diet, it is hoped that it can build body muscles, so that body parts become firmer and not flabby.

Different Exercises for Diet

Here are some types of exercise for dieting that you need to know:

  • Running

    Running is an effective exercise to burn calories and fat in the body. A study shows that running for about 30 minutes can burn around 350 calories. Not only exercise for diet, running can also reduce your risk of developing dangerous diseases, such as diabetes, stroke, to heart disease.

  • Strength training

    Strength training, such as lifting weights or doing movements that use body weight, can not only burn calories, but can also help you build muscle mass.This muscle mass will later help you burn more calories. You can focus your strength training on specific areas of your body such as your abs, quads and back, shoulders, back, buttocks, biceps and triceps.

  • Pilates

    Pilates is not included in aerobic exercise. However, Pilates can be the right choice for those of you who want to train the middle body, such as the pelvis, abdomen, thighs, and lower back. Pilates movements may seem gentle, but they are actually very muscle-building. This movement can later build muscle, increase joint movement, and make it easier for your body to move.

  • Yoga

    Besides being able to relieve stress, yoga practice can also help you lose weight. Even if the calories burned during yoga are not as much as when you do aerobic exercise. Yoga can still help you build muscle with movements that look simple, but still involve the muscles of the body.In addition, yoga is also believed to be able to influence changes in your lifestyle, including in terms of food choices. If you want to increase the calories you burn, you can combine yoga with other exercises such as running, cycling, or even swimming.

Several types of exercise for the diet above you can do alternately 2-3 times a week with a duration of 1 hour each session. In addition to doing several types of diet exercises above, you also need to balance them by eating he althy foods in order to achieve the desired weight.

Some products or herbal remedies, such as Garcinia cambogia, are claimed to be able to lose weight. However, you should consult a doctor first before consuming these slimming products to support your diet program.

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